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Classic Dishes with a Local Twist

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April 25, 2018
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April 25, 2018

Classic Dishes with a Local Twist

These days, adventure is the name of the game. Whether it be traveling to new places or going on a whole new food venture, Filipinos aren’t afraid to try out new things. In the food industry, numerous chefs are making it a habit to experiment on their cuisines every now and then. Listed below are some food with a unique, local twist that you can try around the metro:



If you’re heading to Greenbelt and looking to destress after a long hard day at work or school, why not have a go at Felix’s Chocnut Torte? The signature dessert is a plate of chocolate mousse sprinkled and served with chocnut, caramel popcorn, dark chocolate sauce and berry coulis. The bold and rich flavors will make you think twice about calories.

Recommended items: chocnut torte ₱245 ₱122.50

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Early Bird Breakfast Club @ BGC


If you’re looking for a hearty dish that won’t just satisfy your buds, but will also act as a vibrant part of your social media feed, then the Early Bird Breakfast Club’s Yin Yang Champorado is the perfect fit for you! A contrast of rich Belgian dark chocolate and white chocolate flavors impeccably crafted into a Yin and Yang blueprint in the champorado, this breakfast is sure to satisfy every man’s sweet tooth. The dish comes with sugary, toasted dilis on the side to complete the experience.

Recommended items: yin yang champorado ₱275 ₱137.50

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We constantly hear of berry and chocolate varieties of cheesecakes, but have you ever tried a taho-flavored one? Salu, a Quezon City-based restaurant owned by celebrity couple Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista, serves unique takes on local recipes by infusing different regional ingredients and flavors into its dishes. The diverse menu will take you on a gastronomic journey: from its northern Ilocano twists all the way to Mindanao-inspired plates. Round up the experience with an ample serving of their round Taho Cheesecake, a rich and fulfilling dessert made with cream and soft cheese topped with the classic Filipino favorite.

Recommended items: taho cheesecake ₱260 ₱130

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Milky & Sunny


Situated in the heart of Legaspi Village in Makati, Milky and Sunny is known for its wide selection of comfort food and breakfast recipes served at any time of the day. Customers can enjoy a leveled-up sardine breakfast with the Sunny Sardines Pasta, a satisfying mix of fried sardines, tomatoes, and olives wrapped in spaghetti pasta noodles. The dish is perfect for those in search of a quick yet indulgent fix.

Recommended items: sunny sardines pasta ₱300 ₱150

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Buku-Buku Kafe @ SM Southmall


Buku-Buku Kafe is renowned not only for its Instagram-worthy space, but also for its friendly environment for book lovers and artists alike. The hip and industrial-themed restaurant in Las Pinas introduced the Cheese Bistek Sandwich, a dish inspired by the classic Philly cheesesteak. This local version of braised beef, splashed with smoked cheese sauce and onions, is served with a Filipino flavor kick in a bread. Enjoy the meal with your friends in a night filled with spoken poetry and live acoustic tunes.

Recommended items: cheese bistek sandwich ₱285 ₱142.50

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Nicandro Lutong Bahay


Going on a weekend road trip with your family anytime soon? You might want to pay a visit to an up-and-coming foodie destination in Marikina. Located in the trendy Lilac Street, the Nicandro Lutong Bahay boasts of authentic flavors of the Filipino classics. The sinigang na baka sa bayabas features a hefty serving of hot, mild sour guava broth filled with large-cut vegetables and boiled beef ribs.

Recommended items: sinigang na baka sa bayabas ₱438 ₱219 

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Reserve Liquor Lounge


One of our go-to breakfast treats can now be enjoyed as a creative, savory snack. Check out this happy hour favorite: Spam fries at the Reserve Liquor Lounge. Inspired by the Manila Social Club, a Filipino restaurant in New York, Reserve also plates its fries in a signature can of Spam that comes with a variety of dips to choose from. Gobble up this trendy snack, maybe with a bottle or two, for a perfect hangout with your barkada.

Recommended items: spam fries ₱395 ₱197.50

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Sisig Society @ Fort Strip


Sisig Society is the place to go for all sisig lovers out there looking for a creative, out-of-the-box approach to their favorite meal. While self-proclaimed innovators might opt for the create your own sisig, you might also want to check out their Crispy Kare-Kare. Indulge yourself in a generous plate of crispy pork belly and leafy vegetables served over a special peanut kare-kare sauce and signature bagoong.

Recommended items: crispy kare-kare ₱279 ₱139.50

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