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Hidden restaurants that are worth the trip!

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3 Underrated Places to Visit

While the Singaporean mindset often equates long queues with quality, the opposite is untrue. No snaking lines does not equal bad.
In fact, we have 3 examples here that certainly are not lacking in quality, despite not boasting queues longer than your neighbourhood char kuay teow stall. Check them out!


Little Creatures Brewing

It may be located along the hip Club Street, but Little Creatures Brewing doesn’t seem to receive as much love as its rowdier counterparts. Best known for its distinguishable line-up of craft beers from Australia, they have their own in-house microbrewery. Fresh beers, good food at up to 50% off and a relaxing atmosphere – the perfect ingredients for a night out.

50% slots: 8:00 | 8:30 | 9:00 | 9:30 | 10:00

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Blue Pier Seafood

East Coast is known for plenty of places for excellent food – perhaps to the point some slip through our fingers. Blue Pier is located at East Coast Seafood Centre, serving Chinese seafood dishes to all. Diners can choose to sit indoors or out, where they can enjoy the calming breezes of the nearby ocean. Live music is also available to contribute to the already excellent atmosphere.

50% slots: 16:30 | 17:00

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Caruso Ristorante

The long Bukit Timah stretch of road has long offered plenty of hidden gems. Casuro Ristorante is one such place. Having originated from Locorotondo – a small town in Trulli, Italy – the restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. True to its origin, the restaurant is designed to recapture the homeliness of an Italian home. It’s also just a short walk Sixth Avenue MRT station, making it convenient to access.

50% slots: 12:00 | 18:00

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