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8 Dine-Out Tips Under The Current COVID-19 Epidemic

8 Dine-Out Tips Under The Current COVID-19 Epidemic 2
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February 13, 2020
8 Dine-Out Tips Under The Current COVID-19 Epidemic 3
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February 20, 2020

We understand your concerns about visiting restaurants these days. To reassure friends, families and couples, eatigo presents to you 8 useful dine-out tips:


1. Visit Spacious And Ventilated Restaurants

Increasing distances between people and keeping good ventilation could minimize the chances of infection. Well, “al fresco dining” might be a good option for friends and couples who value the above as well as the vibe during dining.

Al Fresco Options:

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8 Dine-Out Tips Under The Current COVID-19 Epidemic 4


2. Avoid Peak Hours

A relaxing dining experience might be rewarded by eating at off-peak hours with less human contact required through sharing and waiting for tables. Skipping seats could even be an option if there are plenty of rooms.

White-collars may also like the idea of flexi-hour lunch as it avoids the crowd. What’s more? Restaurants on eatigo platform are offering greater discounts up to 50%-off during off-peak hours which save your wallet!

Lunch Options For White-collars:

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8 Dine-Out Tips Under The Current COVID-19 Epidemic 5

3. To Use Serving Utensils with Rubber Band / BYO

Use serving utensils or simply avoid sharing plates during the current epidemic. For those who always mix up your own utensils with the serving ones, adding a rubber band for distinguishment could be helpful!

BYO If you do not feel comfortable using the utensils provided by the restaurant. Clean them immediately after a meal to avoid excessive growth of bacteria overtime. Do wash them thoroughly when you get home.


4. Avoid Dropping with Little Clips

Many of us have experienced finding our jackets or scarfs dropped to the ground in the middle of a meal. A simple clip could help by keeping them in place, out of the germs on the ground. Why not share the clips with your friends and be a caring person!


5. Tissue Papers For Placing The Masks

A lot of people choose to reuse their masks after dining. It feels so good when someone hands you a tissue paper for keeping masks when you are taking them off. It minimizes the contact of your hands with the inside-out of the mask and reduces the growth of germs.


6. Hand Sterilizer For Cleaning Hands

With a small bottle of hand sterilizer carried with you, no searching of washrooms is needed before dining. Do remember to sterilize your hands each time after taking off and wearing your masks to avoid the growth of bacteria on your hands.


7. Avoid Making Your Hair During The Meal

Some people with long hair love to fuddle it from time to time or move it to one side to ease eating; while some guys with short hair love to keep maintaining their hair style once a reflective surface is spotted. Better to avoid touching the hair from time to time as germs may easily fall on the food from our hair. 


8. Be Careful Of Talking / Coughing / Sneezing

To avoid contamination of food by saliva and food residue coming from your mouth, try to swallow the food before talking and cover your mouth with the back of your hands. 

Use your elbows or tissues to cover the mouth during coughing or sneezing instead of the palm, sterilize the respective body part used, so germs would not land on the food from your body parts easily. However, if you consider yourself a physical-contact type of person, avoid the elbows so the other person would not get the germs by holding arms with you. 



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