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Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 2
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February 13, 2019
Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 3
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May 10, 2019

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor

Let’s dine with our Tastern @sherriikwan at FINDS @ The Luxe Manor

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 4


With its award winning cuisine that showcases fresh produce & fine culinary skills from Northern Europe, FINDS certainly lives up to its reputation for being the most authentic (and possibly the best) Nordic restaurant in HK. In case you’re wondering, FINDS is an acronym of the five Nordic nations➡️Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark & Sweden.

🔸Salmon Six Ways

A medley of bite-sized salmon complemented with original Nordic cooking techniques, namely cold smoked, seared, mousse, pickled, gravad lax and smoked roe. This might push the boundaries for those who dislike strong fishy flavours but as a sashimi lover I absolutely love this. My favourite is the beetroot cured gravad lax, which tastes refreshing and light despite its rich flavour. Makes a great prelude to the meal.

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 5

🔸Skrei Codfish Cheek & King Crab Soup w/Tarragon Crème
What comes next is a robust bisque with chunks of king crab meat 🦀 it’s nice to have something to warm your belly after a cold dish. I like how it has this subtle roasty aroma that adds depth to the flavour!

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 6

🔸Poached Skrei Codfish Fillet

Probably the least impressive dish of the night in terms of both flavour and texture. It takes a lot of skills to cook a codfish fillet to perfection as you’ve got a pretty firm piece of flesh to begin with, so even if it’s slightly overdone you end up with something rather hard & chewy, which is exactly what happens here. But what really kills this dish is the over-salted sea asparagus. Almost inedible. 😔 It just goes to show that nothing ruins a dish like too much salt🧂 The combination of golden beetroot, brussels sprouts & quail eggs… doesn’t do it for me either. 🛑From what I hear, the other main (Smoked Venison Tenderloin) fares much better so make sure you pick that instead if you don’t mind being a bit more adventurous!

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 7

🔸DAIM Parfait

💯😍💯😍 Absolute perfection and I will return just for this. Inspired by the Swedish candy bar DAIM, this parfait tastes SO heavenly that it leaves me in awe. That creamy, milky chocolate/vanilla parfait (delectable on its own) serves as a wonderful backdrop for other flavours & textures. For something so sweet and smooth you really need some crunch and acidity to counteract all that richness. That nutty crunch from the almond adds dimensions to the texture, while the saltiness from the buttery crumble makes a nice contrast to the rich caramel. The meringue not only brings zest but also another type of crunch to the dish. And that fresh, tangy raspberry right there? It cuts right through the sweet notes of the parfait🤤 All components of this dish complement one another so well, creating a flawless finale to a beautiful meal💯💯💯💯

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 8

🔸Wild lingonberry tart (1st pic)

I don’t get to taste this but it’s a visual treat😂

Dine with Tasterns | FINDS @ The Luxe Manor 9


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More details about the Tastern – @sherriikwan

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