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eatigo is now on Telegram Channel

eatigo is now on Telegram Channel 2
Valentine’s Weekend Specials – Up to 50% OFF
February 11, 2020
eatigo is now on Telegram Channel 3
Limited offer to first 1000 customers!
February 13, 2020

【Telegram Users Alert】

🎉 eatigo is now on Telegram Channel! You can simply search “eatigo Hong Kong” via Telegram App or click the button below to subscribe our channel.

In the future, we will through Telegram to announce our latest news! Stay tuned with our Telegram channel to keep abreast of our updated development including new restaurants’ onboard, latest restaurants’ deals and our marketing campaigns. By tapping the posts on Telegram channel, it will directly bring you to eatigo app for reservations or purchases. It is very convenient.

Moreover, we will also place exclusive offers and promo codes on the Telegram channel from time to time. Let’s join now and receive the latest update from eatigo! 

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