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【Crash Baggage】WHO BOOKS THE MOST? Book to win a wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage!

【Crash Baggage】WHO BOOKS THE MOST? Book to win a wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage! 2
Exclusive for DBS Credit Card Cardholders – eatigo market Rewards
October 2, 2019
【Crash Baggage】WHO BOOKS THE MOST? Book to win a wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage! 3
Halloween treats on us!
October 24, 2019

WHO BOOKS THE MOST? Win a wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage from us!

“Who Books the Most?” (Sixth Round) has ended on 27 Oct 2019. Thanks all who have joined this game.
Congratulations to user SAWYER KWOK who has won this giveaway with 10 times attended bookings, bringing the wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage (worth $2,000) home!
Please stay tuned for our latest promotion on Facebook page & mobile app!

Save your time queuing up for dinner – Make an early reservation using eatigo NOW and win this giveaway campaign!
Win this giveaway: the more reservations you attend, the closer you are to win the grand prize! From today till 27 Oct 2019, book & attend your reservations with code【CRASH_(the no. of reservations made during the period). The user who attended the most bookings within this period will win a wheeled suitcase of Crash Baggage (Worth $2,000)!
Too far away from winning the wheeled suitcase?  Secured $100 McDonald’s Cash Coupon by attending 8 reservations!
P.S. We are going to give away many more special prizes! Keep an eye on our APP and official Facebook page updates!


How it works:
  1. From today till 27 Oct 2019, book & attend as many reservations as you can with promo code【CRASH_(the no. of reservations made during the period).

    For the 1st reservation, enter【CRASH1
    For the 2nd reservation,enter【CRASH2
    For the 3rd reservation,enter【CRASH3etc.

    *promo code must be applied on all reservations
    *To view codes entered for past reservations, go to APP and click
    【menu】→【my reservations】→【historical】

  2. eatigo Hong Kong will release the result on our official Facebook page on Oct 30, 2019, a confirmation email will be sent to the winner.

Planning your next journey? Book on eatigo & enter the first 6 digits of DBS Credit Card no. to enjoy EXTRA rewards when paying with the card.
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Terms and Conditions:
    1. Promo code is applicable at and the eatigo app only and must be entered at the confirmation page. The number on the promo code is only for reference. If you do not book or attend bookings by the sequence of the promo code you entered, it would not affect users’ eligibility for the promotion. Users who have the largest number of attended reservations within the period will be the winner.
    2. Promo code is valid till 27 Oct 2019. All reservations must be made with the promo code & attended by 23:59, 27 Oct 2019 to be eligible for the promotion.
    3. Users can only enter each promo code once.
    4.  During the promotion period, users can get a $100 McDonald’s Coupon with 8 attended bookings. Limited in quota, while stock lasts.
    5. If more than 1 user has the largest number of reservations, the user who has successfully attended all reservations at the earliest time will be the winner.
    6. To be eligible for the promotion, each reservation must be attended by at least TWO persons.
    7. Reservations from different user accounts cannot be combined for the promotion.
    8. Only valid email addresses registered with Eatigo are eligible for this promotion. Winners will be contacted via the registered email. If the winner fails to respond to the email within the period, another eligible winner will be named for the prize.
    9. In case of any acts of dishonesty and against the T&C, eatigo Hong Kong reserves the right to cancel the user’s right to participate in the campaign without any notice, and the right to seek all remedies available at law for breaches of any of the above terms.
    10. To be eligible for this promotion, please keep the dining receipts or credit card transaction slips for verification purposes. eatigo Hong Kong reserves the right to verify the payment proof and to disqualify against any user who fails to submit such.
    11. All outlets of the following restaurants are excluded from this promotion: Tsujiri, Bear’s Lab, Triple O’s, Mount Fruity, One T Spoon, Ten One Tea HK, iTEA, Tea Express by Jrink, BlossomE Tea.
    12. eatigo Hong Kong is not responsible for any losses and damages suffered by participants as a result of the participation of the campaign. If users lost or damaged their gifts, no return or refund is allowed. Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash.
    13. This promotion is valid only for eatigo Hong Kong.
    14. In case of any dispute, eatigo Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision.
    15. eatigo Hong Kong reserves the right to amend or cancel the promotion at any time.

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