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Get ₹100 eatigo cash voucher on your reservation till 31st Jan!!
January 31, 2019
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March 18, 2019

Discounted Meal with Free Vouchers

From now till the end of February, earn twice the amount of Eatigo Cash Vouchers! Apply cash voucher to Eatigo reservation and get instant cash discount off the bill. Referral points will be awarded for both you and your friend, each time when you successfully refer a friend to download eatigo and attend reservation for the first time – Share the good news and rewards with your friends right away!

A friend in need is a friend indeed:

Refer 1 friend – gain 100 points, get Eatigo Cash Voucher Worth ₹200! 

*Learn more about Eatigo Cash Voucher: Click here

Step 1

Go to Menu and click “refer & earn”

Step 2

Copy Link or Code and share the love

Step 3

Spread your circle by sharing on social media

Step 1:

Referred by Link: click link and download application

Referred by Code: Download application

Step 2:

Referred by Link: Register account

Referred by Code: click “I have a referral code”

Step 3

Make and attend 1st reservation

Tips for you:

“Go All Out” ► Share your code via all your social media platforms. The bigger the reach the more friends can enjoy these amazing eatigo discounts with you.

“Start from Zero” To earn points, your friend’s mobile device must have never been installed eatigo before!

“Keep a close eye” Make sure your friend clicks on your referral link and download eatigo, or make sure he or she enters your referral code on the registration page

“Show up and go” Your friend shall attend the first reservation

“Rewards comes duo” Points will be awarded within 24 to 48 hours of your friend’s attended reservation, and prizes can be redeemed for both of you!

Reserve now and enjoy discount at up to 50% off over 900 restaurants on eatigo!

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer is only valid for voucher redemption made on/before 31 January, 2020. Voucher value may change after the campaign ends.
  2. Referral points issuance might differ for different campaigns (e.g. February 4x referral campaign rewards 4x the usual Eatigo Cash Voucher issuance for 100 points, but only limited to that month)
  3. This program is applicable for eatigo’s Android and iOS mobile apps only, hereinafter referred to as “mobile apps”. This program is not valid for eatigo’s website
  4. The refer & earn program is only valid for new installs and sign ups on eatigo’s mobile apps.
  5. Your friends must not have installed the eatigo app on any of their devices before.
  6. The email address through which the friend signs up with the eatigo app, must not have been used for signing up with eatigo before.
  7. A sign up with a different email address using the same device will not qualify as a valid referral.
  8. The device on which the friend downloads the eatigo app should not be rooted or jail-broken.
  9. The eatigo app should not be installed using App runtime for Chrome, emulators or simulators.
  10. If your friends use someone else’s referral link, the person whose link was used most recently would receive the reward, even though you may have referred them first.
  11. Your unique referral links should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. You cannot distribute/publish your unique referral link where there is no reasonable basis for believing that most of the recipients are personal friends (such as coupon websites, forums, Wikipedia etc.)
  12. Reward points earned starting 1 January 2020, have a validity of one year.
  13. Eatigo Cash Voucher codes redeemed have expiry dates. Should you fail to make and attend reservation with the Eatigo Cash Voucher code by stated expiry date, no recovery code will be provided.
  14. Vouchers may vary in type, value and restrictions based on the local supplier.
  15. eatigo reserves all rights to change the participating vouchers at any point in time.
  16. eatigo reserves all rights to change the rewards conferred under the refer & earn program at any point in time.
  17. eatigo may suspend or terminate the refer & earn program or any user’s ability to participate in the program at any time for any reason at their discretion. Reward points earned as a result of fraudulent activities will be revoked and deemed invalid.
  18. eatigo india reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions at any time without any prior notice. Modifications of these terms will be effective from the time they are updated in the terms & conditions


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    This fabulous app for getting best deal who are food lover

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  4. Steffi lina says:

    Worst worst aap they not giving any kind of reward after attending the reservation 😡

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