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Save more on meals with eatigo cash voucher

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March 18, 2020

What is an eatigo cash voucher?

Eatigo cash voucher is a cash discount that is applied to your final bill, on top of the original eatigo discount. To redeem, you just need to insert an eatigo cash voucher promo code when you make a reservation, and the discount will be subtracted to your bill automatically at restaurants!
Learn how to use it now! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I still get my original eatigo discount if I apply the eatigo cash voucher code?
A: Yes you will. The eatigo cash voucher will be an on top value discount to your original eatigo Discount.
Here’s an example:
You’ve made a reservation with $10 eatigo cash voucher at 11:00 am with 50% eatigo discount. After you’ve enjoyed your lunch, now let’s look at your bill –
Food = $100 -50% eatigo discount
Bill totals to $50 after eatigo discount. And with your $10 eatigo cash voucher, the final amount you need to pay only $40!


Q: Can eatigo cash voucher be used without an eatigo reservation?
A: No. Eatigo cash voucher  is only applicable for when you make a reservation via eatigo.


Q: What is the difference between an eatigo cash voucher and other eatigo promotional codes?
A: Eatigo cash voucher gives you an instant cash discount at our partnered restaurants while other types of promotional codes rewards may vary according to the terms of the promotion.


Q: Can I use eatigo cash voucher on all restaurants?
A: No. Eatigo cash voucher is only applicable to partner restaurants which are presented on the app and web with the “yellow gift box icon”.

Terms & Conditions

  • Eatigo cash voucher may not be exchanged for cash. The eatigo cash voucher can only be used as a fixed value discount on top of the total eatigo reservation bill.
  • Eatigo cash voucher can only be used at restaurant merchants that have agreed to accept eatigo cash voucher. Restaurants that do not accept eatigo cash voucher will not be reservable with the eatigo cash voucher promo code.
  • Eatigo cash voucher is considered used and is non-refundable if the promo code has been applied and the customer did not show up at the restaurant.
  • Restaurant will not provide cash refunds when the eatigo cash voucher amount is more than the restaurant bill.
  • Eatigo cash voucher may have special conditions required for the customer prior to payment i.e. certain payment type or membership identification proof. Restaurant partners reserves the right to validate and reject the eatigo cash voucher if conditions are not met.
  • Similar to the standard eatigo discount, eatigo cash voucher do not stack on top of any other restaurant promotions or 3rd party promotions.
  • Eatigo reserves the right to amend and terminate the eatigo cash voucher program at any time.


  1. Bandari Surendar says:




  3. Ibrahim shaikh says:

    Had dinner with my family at tiffinys santacruz with 50 discount enjoyed a lot food was excellent service was best ✌

  4. Venky being human says:

    Loved it##memorable weekend#outstanding place##must cum##amazing food##ambience🤗##staff loveable ##11 out of 10 anytime😘

  5. Uday Popat says:


  6. bhavyaa says:

    i have an cash voucher of 200 .I applied today at wok express..
    unfortunately i didnt receive any discount of a single penny.😒😒
    when i asked the host for the discount, they said that eatigo will give cas, we cant give discount..
    this is not fair

  7. There is only option of eatigo promo code.. I am enable to see the eatigo cash voucher option.. If we put the code then its shows Code is not valid..

    Please help.

  8. Kawaljet says:

    How to get cash voucher

  9. Rashmi Ahuja says:

    Thanks eatigo for such great deals n restaurant

  10. Divya says:

    I have registerd to eatigo via invite code. But still i have not received any promo code or discount coupen

  11. Abhijit Darunkar says:

    I have sent link and referral code to my friend. She has installed app using my link and code today afternoon. But she did not receive any cash back yet.when it will be credited?

  12. Rahul Maliwal says:

    I have eatigo cash voucher, but I didn’t used it for paying bill. How would I get it back?

  13. D3ven says:


    I have ₹400 etigo voucher but unable to redeem .Today ia last day for redemption .

    Please guide me how I can redeem vichar.

    Thanks & Regards


  14. Simar says:

    Can I use my eatigo cash voucher now ? It was valid upto 6th April and I was not aware of it

  15. Maya says:

    How does the cash voucher work? Coz I had a Rs 400 cash voucher and had Applied the required promo code yet I got a discount only of the eligible specified time slot for which I had a reservation and not any benefit of the cash voucher!

  16. Kaustubh shetye says:

    Eatigo is an amazing app providing great discounts
    Thankyou eatigo ❤

  17. Reminder Kaur bedi says:

    I would like to know more about eatigo

  18. Janice says:

    Is it one time use? If not utilized to full extent will the balance be available for use next time ?

  19. Rahul says:

    I am not able to put the code given by my friend
    It is very uneasy to use n install the app hope u revert back on a call and solve the problem

  20. Sweta says:

    Amazing app

  21. Trishna pal says:

    Nyc app with discounts

  22. Yash Pawar says:

    I did not got an eatigo voucher for February as well as March. When will I get it

  23. Dhruv says:

    It was usefull

  24. Praful says:

    Eat n go

  25. Shreyas says:

    Very great app

  26. Ujwala says:

    Any birthday discount?

  27. Aditya Tripathi says:


  28. Are you people crazy? You just provided the voucher on 5th April and you are providing expiry of 6th April just one day?lost faith in you guys.

  29. Amit suchak says:

    How can I use this cashback voucher like I need to apply this while booking or need to give code while doing billing in hotel

  30. yogita says:

    got it

  31. Namita says:

    I dined at kava Fairfield by marriot Kharadi on 6 th April 19 . While booking I used eatigo cash voucher of inr 400, however I did not get discount of 400 from restaurant. Please advice how to go about it

  32. Pramod kamble says:

    It’s very good and poket friendly

  33. Mariya Soni says:

    Please send me my cash voucher

  34. Glancy says:

    Want to book a table

  35. Pankaj Tandel says:

    I want to vovchar

  36. Basil says:

    Reserved and refered friend but still not got points. Any issues??

  37. Dimple Talreja says:

    How do I get a eatigo cash voucher ?

  38. Dimple Talreja says:

    How do I get an eating cash voucher or an eatigo promotional code ?

  39. Nilesh Pandey says:

    Is eatigo cash voucher applicable on total bill which includes food and liquor drinks?

  40. Sagar Gaikwad says:


  41. Halima says:

    Last review was fantastic with u eatigo thanks …love u

  42. Very nice very very beutifull

  43. I am happy and very nice very beutifull

  44. Send me eatigo vouchers

  45. Send more cash vouchers

  46. Radha says:

    I am willing to use this voucher on my reservations. Can you please tell me what should I enter in the promo code section?
    Thank you.

  47. Lavist says:

    It is very nice😋😋

  48. Hemant yadav says:

    Best app

  49. Jagat Sanghavi says:

    I am unable to use my promo code
    Pls help me what to do

  50. Rashida says:

    How to redeem the cash voucher?

  51. Pallavi Sheth says:

    Where’s promo code?

  52. Pallavi Sheth says:

    I want eatigo voucher code

  53. Kaushik says:

    Lovely app… Good restaurants.. njoing food alot

  54. Siddhika Umesh Karpe says:

    I am not able to acquire the info on whether I have earned or not this referral voucher

  55. Dhaval says:

    Thank u eatigo
    Very nice app

  56. Dhaval says:

    Thank u eatigo
    Very nice app

  57. Pratik says:

    from where should get the promp code?? help

  58. ganesh rakh says:

    i liked this app

  59. Amit Anand says:

    Right Bro

  60. Shail says:

    Can full amount be redeemed if I used eatigo cash voucher to the yellow box restaurant or is there any other terms and conditions ??

  61. Geet says:

    I haven’t used my HOLI6F2UK Promo code but it shows “already used”
    Today is my last day to use. Kindly help or else I’ll lose my 400rupees.

  62. Darshit says:

    Best app ever

  63. Kapil says:

    Lovely iam food

  64. Dipti says:

    My cash voucher was not used today

  65. Sandeep says:

    Nice food 👌😋😋

  66. Avinash says:

    How do I get one???

  67. Shruti says:

    What should I need to do to avail cash voucher after referring about eatigo app to my friends??

  68. Subramanian says:

    I am not getting any promocode for my voucher

  69. RIYAZ says:

    Excellent food

  70. Lipan Bala says:

    I need gifts vauchar

  71. Kaustubh says:

    Didn’t get points after refering also

  72. Shivanand Acharya says:

    Excellent collections of restaurants

  73. Jamna says:

    Seems Cool 👍

  74. Vijay solanki says:

    Pune Raviwar Peth

  75. Ravi says:

    Tff business

  76. Bhavesh says:


  77. Shaun says:

    Very good app

  78. Vishal hakani says:

    How bookings can be done and is price decided before we have buffet…??

  79. Aayush says:

    From where do we get eatigo cash voucher?

  80. Balaji naidu says:

    Getting additional instant cash by cash voucher by eatigo app

  81. Varsha says:

    It is very amazing app my frnds had enjoyed a lot thank you eatigo

  82. Sonal jain says:

    Sir i have redeemed my 100 points voucher but by mistakely i didnt got mail on my id plzzz send me back my voucher code on my originalail id

  83. Smileyn says:

    I ate with my friend yesterday at Harsh’s Bistro using this app. The food was good and this app gave us 50% discount… very cool! So, I thought of downloading this too..

  84. Akshay Sanjay Koltharkar says:

    I havent received promo code on my mail after redemption of voucher

  85. I have not received any promo code on my mail id
    Please revert and confirm

  86. Vaishali shah says:

    How should I booked any restaurant booking

  87. Dhanaji Bhalekar says:

    Very good

  88. adchie says:

    How do i get eating cash voucher

  89. Anshu De says:

    How to get promo code for yellow gif box restaurants?

  90. Sushma gupta says:

    I have no promo code,

  91. RAHUL PATIL says:

    Looks interesting Concept, need to try this out

  92. Safiur rahaman says:

    Nice app… Definitely use itvery soon

  93. Sanket Kathrani says:

    Would like to learn more on Eatigo cash voucher

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    Eatigo is a fabulous app to have a great experiences in top restaurants .Trusted and worthy. Loving it .

  96. Ketki Gokhale says:

    How do I get eatigo cash voucher promo code?

  97. Prasham shah says:

    Very good offer and options for hotels

  98. Prasham shah says:

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  100. Ashish Mondal says:

    This is a great app in mobile…. Lvu eatigo

  101. Ujwal nandan says:

    Best application offers a variety of restaurants.
    Best restaurants are available on eatigo.
    I loved this application.

  102. RAJAVEERAPPAN says:

    How to upload hotel invoice

  103. Hrishikesh says:

    Noice and smooth as butter

  104. Mariam Arsiwala says:

    I liked the discount rate which i get throug eatigo…its a best app for food lover to claim their discount through this app

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    Friends recommend it, highly appreciated

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  110. premsharma says:

    TASTY Tasty

  111. Arjun Dogra says:

    Okay, i accept the voucher.

  112. Anurag Shiva says:

    Awesome experience, first time visited Firangi restaurant at Hinjawadi, Pune

    Best ever food in Pune so far.

  113. Prashant says:

    Nice restaurant in airoli

  114. Vishal says:

    Good app

  115. Ishika says:

    Will I get eatigo discount on cash payment ?

  116. Hruday Chachad says:

    I have still not received the promo code for a ₹500 voucher that I redeem today at around 5pm.

  117. Chirag says:

    I have misplace my primary email address can i get the process on my other email address?
    My other email address is verified on my eatigo account
    I want all the offers news and redeem codes on my alternate email

  118. Sony says:

    My eatigo cash voucher code?

  119. Astel says:

    It’s good

  120. Krishnakant says:

    Send me cash vouchers

  121. Deepti nigudkar says:


  122. MOHAN says:

    Drop me promo code

  123. Neil Joanes says:

    It’s a really good app as compared to other which doesnt even charges membership fees.

  124. Bhavana singh says:

    Wenever we dine out we book d place via eatigo. Req u to come up with more good offers

  125. Malav says:

    Where to get eatigo cash voucher from?
    Also helpline number not available.
    Do we need to upload bill copy, if yes where in the app.?

    Malav +91 9930144855

  126. omkar says:

    i have registered with an email id on eatigo but i have not yet received any notification of code as i don’t have access to my gmail account i was expecting code at my notification but i didn’t got any

  127. Anjali says:

    Is there Ny charge or fee to get the cash voucher ?

  128. Vighnesh shirishkar says:


  129. Rohit Kumar Gupta says:

    Houseful restro, versova. Not accepting your cash voucher worth rs500. Disappointed!!

  130. Zubair says:

    Very usefull app for foodies

  131. Dinaz Engineer says:

    Is there a chef for a 5 year old

  132. Irfan says:

    Wow super app

  133. Sneha says:

    I liked this place(PIMLICO)….visit at least once

  134. Bhavesh says:

    How to get promo code

  135. Praveenkumar sp says:

    Thank you

  136. Sojar Salunke says:

    Veery nice

  137. Priya says:

    How do I get the discount post the reservation made

  138. Priya says:

    Where do I get eatigo cash voucher? ?

  139. Jinali says:

    Very nice

  140. Urvi says:

    Nice app

  141. Alisha D'souza says:

    Thanks for welcoming me in the family. Will be really glad to use the app as much as possible

  142. Hemant patil says:

    Can I use eatigo all days and all restaurant?

  143. Harshal says:

    Can you give cash voucher

  144. Bbhuvi says:

    very nice

  145. Akansha says:

    Will be offer is only available on the menu showed in the eatigo app. Or it is applied on the full menu of the restaurants

  146. Atif says:

    Can we refer more than two friends?

  147. Amulya says:

    Am like eatigo app

  148. Vivek says:

    Sir can I apply the 500 coupon voucher on my Reservation with 3 friends including me ……

  149. Rajendra Chaudhari says:

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  150. Subodh Sharma says:

    पैसे बचाऔ , भूक मिटाव,, सब से अच्छा eatigo.. हमेशा ll

  151. Raveendra says:

    All the best for you

  152. Hemanth kumar says:

    I love eatigo❤️

  153. Vishal says:

    I did’nt get copun boss plese tell me what’s problem

  154. Jiaana says:

    I haven’t got any eatigo cash voucher. Please provide.

  155. Mangesh says:

    How to redeem the cash voucher??

  156. Sachin Tejam says:

    nice and best deal on food , discount voucher and more existing gifts

  157. MURALI Dhar says:

    Dear etigo team, why can’t you people make services in highways which includes from booking of table to meal served hot instantly.

    Thinking of creating platform like this. If needed please feel free to contact mobile:- 8970400010

  158. Dilip says:

    Excellent offer

  159. Chirag Shah says:


  160. Janki Devendra says:

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  164. Aditya More says:

    Wow! This apk is amazing Me and my friends are enjoy 💕♥️❤🤙🏼

  165. Aditya More says:

    Wow! I am enjoy with this apk ❤🤙🏼

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  168. Omkar desai says:

    Fantastic restaurant 👍👍👍
    Very good management

  169. Jyoti Gaikwad says:

    I want eatigo cash voucher ,

  170. Jyoti Gaikwad says:

    How I will get eatigo cash voucher ? and is their any code for using it

  171. Amol Suresh Kshirsgar says:

    Looking for good discount for a family dinner

  172. zeel Jariwala says:


  173. Venkata Swaroop says:


  174. Tejad says:

    Nice app

  175. Sayali Pingale says:

    Eatigo is fantastic app

  176. pushkar damle says:

    How can I get these vouchers?

  177. Nikita Tribhuvan says:

    It’s a team outing

  178. yatish bhatt says:

    Can I use eatigo voucher for drinks?

  179. Ayush Bhatkar says:

    Good new option

  180. Abhishek Garge says:

    Not able to redeem the voucher. The expiry date shows Jan 2020.

  181. Akshay Kadam says:


  182. Shubham Bhanushali says:

    Nice app

  183. amlan sahu says:


  184. Somiron saha says:

    I don’t understand

  185. Surendar says:


  186. Deepak Saikia says:

    Love it.expectional app..

  187. Sunil says:


  188. Arti Desai says:

    Dish was good

  189. Pawan vishwakarma says:

    I not able to earn my referral point

  190. Samarth says:

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  197. Devyani says:

    Liked it

  198. Ranjeet lad says:


  199. Monali mhatre says:

    At karave po nerul Navi Mumbai 400706

  200. Shreyash says:

    How to get a cash voucher while booking a table ?

    • marketingindia says:

      Greetings from eatigo! Kindly email your concern to or call us on +91 7767099558! Happy eating with eatigo!

    • Nirmal says:

      You have to refer your freinds, and when they attend their first reservation you will get 100 points in the refer and earn section and after that go to earn section and click on a vocher as per your need then simply click on redeem and the redemption code will be sent to your email and you have to copy the same in the promo code box while booking a table then you can book a table.
      Thank you
      Nirmal Nahar

  201. Merilyn says:


    I am having troubles using my ECV eatigo vouchers. I have redeemed twice and both voucher codes do not work.

    Could you please advise?

    Thank you.

  202. Jasbeer kaur says:

    Hi…I have done booking at global culture, sanpada, for buffet for 4 at 50 % discount…how do I apply eatigo cash voucher to it…plz guide

  203. Chirag katira says:

    I not got any kind of vouncher still I am waiting please send me a voucher as soon a possible

  204. Santosh Gupta says:

    If i have done reservation on some restaurant and icancel the reservation one day before the actual reservation date will my cash voucher is valid to apply on some other reservation.

  205. Monali mhatre says:

    Greeting form eatigo

  206. Pranay kelaskar says:

    Help to choose good restaurant and foods

  207. Dipesh jaiswa says:


  208. Vishal says:

    Best app ever

  209. Vishal says:

    Best app

  210. Mamta says:

    EatigEating is a lovely app

  211. Siddhant Arekar says:

    Very good

  212. Manish says:

    Thank you eatifo for saving our happiness and money

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