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Best out-of-town restaurants for your next food-venture!

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March 12, 2019
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April 8, 2019

Good views and delicious discounts

The best out-of-town restaurants for your next food-venture


New year, new you! Or in this case, a new set of food-ventures! Asia’s leading online reservations platform Eatigo rings in 2019 with delicious discounts on some of the most well-loved out of town restaurants for your extended holiday celebrations.

Headed south to Tagaytay? Find your way to Fire Lake Grill at Cliffhouse for an exciting blend of hot food and cold mood with a breathtaking view of the iconic Taal volcano. Among the must-tries are the intensely-flavored Blackened Beef Salad tossed in sesame Thai chili dressing, the crowd-favorite US Angus rib eye steak with a grilled jumbo prawn, and the enticing Pineapple Carpaccio.

Then there’s Ribchon, otherwise known as the Home of Baby Back Baboy. The cozy and industrial atmosphere is inviting enough, but have your fill of their best-selling Ribs ng Lechon and you have a reason to come back.

For locally-sourced wholesome food, head over to T-House Tagaytay. Their contemporary Filipino-Asian fusion dishes are served in big portions so they’re mostly good for sharing. Don’t skip on the best-selling Salted Egg Yolk Onion Rings, Garlic-Parmesan Salmon Fillet, and Kesong Puti Cubano.

A gorgeous view and excellent food is what Lake District Restaurant & Lounge offers. Each corner of this place is bright, breezy, and double tap-worthy. They added their own flair to the classic Tagaytay bulalo and the porchetta is a crowd-pleaser as well.

From the name itself—Veranda—over at Taal Vista Hotel, you immediately know that you’re also getting a fine backdrop for your dining experience. Here, exquisite traditional Filipino dishes take center stage, reminding you of the good times and sensational feasts you had at home. They serve ala carte and buffet options, coupled with cultural music and dance presentations.

Still at Taal Vista Hotel, cross over to Taza Fresh Table, a sustainable and natural restaurant which showcases garden-fresh cooked dishes. The live cooking station is a gratifying show to every hungry diner, too.

Rounding off the Tagaytay hits is Al Dente by The Lake at The Lake Hotel, a welcome respite from the city’s buzz. Their Lake Cafe Salmon Florentine, baked salmon fillet on a bed of spinach topped with a special sauce, melted cheddar and cream cheese, is a scene-stealer, but so is the Deep-Fried Milkfish, twice fried and marinated in a mix of garlic, vinegar and pepper served with tomato and green mango slices.

Now for the northern travelers, Hardin Resto Café at The Camp, Baguio City is an excellent choice. The place itself sits atop a building, enveloping visitors in a lush ambiance. Their salads are innovative and delicious, but the Pork Crackling Kare Kare is a winner, too.

Up for some drinks? Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint, The Camp’s resident pub is a bustling little bar perfect for friends to chill at. They have a wide selection of drinks, perfect for every kind of drinker, as well some mean bar chow.

If alcohol isn’t in your itinerary, Il Padrino Cafe + Ristorante at Session Road is a nice place to curl up with coffee, a book, and bask in the cool Baguio breeze. They also serve hearty meals for dinner dates and several options for lattes, cappuccinos, and even tea.

The best part of your food-venture is that with Eatigo, you can score discounts up to 50% off your total bill! So take in that stunning view and get the most bang for your buck. Just download the app, sign up, and start browsing.

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