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Taste the World Series: 5 Korean Restaurants in Manila

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June 4, 2021
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June 7, 2021

Taste the World Series: 5 Korean Restaurants in Manila

Annyeonghaseyo! Take a food trip to eatigo’s best Korean restaurants. Order from the app now and get special discounts whenever you book a dine-in reservation, or even order take-away or delivery. Check out our hand-picked list of restaurants to satisfy your cravings.




Taste the great Korean street food everyone’s been raving about. You can pair the classic rice bowls with the traditional recipes you have at home. Don’t miss out on the Black Kimchi’s extra crunchy Dakgangjeong Wings and signature Kimchi Spam Bake. Get the best out of the special eatigo deals with restaurant vouchers, promos, and more! 

Taste the Streets of Korea 



If you’re feeling ready to go outside, book yourselves a great meal at a Samgyup branch near you! Get yourselves unlimited pork, beef, shrimp, chicken platters and much more when you book your reservations through the eatigo app.

Head to Samgyup




Make your way to a Wagyupsal branch near you. Feast on their delicious Katsudon, or Roasted Chicken Bibimbap. Pair those with a hearty meal of Unlimited Wagyu, Pork, Beef, Chicken, and much more. Leave Wagyupsal satisfied with your meal and your bill when you book a reservation through eatigo––discounts, vouchers, and promos are at a push of a button!

Savor in the flavors of Wagyupsal




Craving for some Korean comfort food? Laon PC is the place for you! Indulge in some of their best dishes like Mandu Ramen, Bibim Myeon, Spicy Pork Rice, Bulgogi Rice, and so much more. Enjoy the sweet, savory, and spicy flavors Korean food has to offer!

Try Laon PC today




Savor in your samgyup and milk tea hankering with Samgyupkart! Check out the Samgyupkart menu at the eatigo app for all the tasteful meals you can get for the best deals. Dishes like Samgyup Beef Wrap, Beef Samgyup Bowl, and Samgyup Beef Bento Set are yours for the taking.

Treat yourselves to Samgyupkart

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