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Pizza Crawl- Top Pizza Joints in the Metro!

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September 5, 2019
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September 18, 2019

Manila’s Pizza Crawl

Step aside, diet! There’s no chance we can resist pizza — it’s the way to our heart!

Everyone loves a nice warm crispy slice of pizza oozing with cheese and pepperoni (or any other of your favorite toppings). We’re bringing you the best pizza spots the city has to offer so call your buddies and munch over a nice big box of pizza goodness at our top pizza joints in the Metro.


Pezzo brings you fun and flavors in every bite. Mix & match up to 6 flavors in a whole pan with a generous amount of toppings! Make sure to try out their irresistible flavors such as the Meat Munchers, Shrimp and Garlic Aioli, Chicken Curry, and a lot more! Pair your pizza with some delicious fries, finger-lickin’ wings, or a generous serving of pasta — take your pick! Take a visit to the nearest branch of Pezzo and have a Pezzo-rific time with some pizza goodness!

Pizza Grigliata

Located at the heart of San Juan, Pizza Grigliata specializes in grilled pizza — grigliata being the Italian word for ‘grilled’. Pizza Grigliata specializes in grilled and torched pizza cooked on-site as they want their customers to enjoy their pizza hot and fresh. The Quattro Formaggi Pizza with Truffle Oil has become one of the on demand crowd favorites and is something you shouldn’t miss out on! Make sure to try out the Tequila Lime Chicken, Kani Mango, and a lot more fun pizza flavors and toppings they offer! You’ve got numerous dough option to choose from aside from the usual white dough. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out the black dough- made of squid ink, red dough- made of beetroot, orange dough- made of carrot, and yellow dough- made of squash. Don’t forget to use their hashtag #PizzaMadeSexy- which comes from their pizza dough being slim, just the way we like it!

Pizza Express

Pizza Express offers Italian-inspired cuisine focusing on giving diners the type of pizza they want – fresh pizza with either extra or less toppings. Pizza Express focuses on making sure they serve you the best pizza dough as they believe “the dough is to die for”- specializing in dough quality and dough-crafting. Check out their Lava Pizza, topped with olives, cherry tomatoes, chunks of Burrata or fresh mozzarella, sprinkled with herbs and spices. Try out American Hottest- filled with four different kinds of spicy ingredients—spicy Italian sausage, fresh red and green chilies, and jalapeño peppers. Pair up your pizza with some baked dough balls served with garlic butter, pesto Genovese, marinara sauce paired with a mozzarella tomato salad, a great choice to fulfill your Italian food cravings.

Brooklyn’s New York Pizza

A casual pizza joint serving Italian comfort food with a touch of Filipino flair,
Brooklyn’s New York Pizza has touched the hearts of many Filipino diners. Fall in love with the La Filipizza and their toppings like Longanisa with Tomato and Salted Egg – our favorite Filipino comfort food topped with Mozzarella cheese baked to perfection. The Cheese Pizza, is an all-time classic — delicious tomato sauce spread out on a pizza crust and topped with cheese- absolute perfection!

Big Guys Pizza

Big Guys Pizza specializes in enormous thin-crust pizza choices perfect for sharing with family and friends. Their 36’’ pizza is perfect for foodies with a big appetite! The dough is made fresh daily Must-try flavors are Italian Supreme and the crowd favorite Big5 Pizza ─ a special combination of 5 different flavors of Cheese, Hawaiian, All Meat, and Super Supreme all in one pizza. Order a box and munch over it with your family and friends – a perfect treat for any occasion!

Pavarotti at Okada Manila

Located at Okada Manila, Pavarotti is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite to satisfy your Italian food cravings. Munch on their great selection of pizzas including the cheesy Gorgonzola Pizza, Vegetariana Pizza with eggplant, tomato, and mozzarella, and Salmone E Pesto; filled with smoked salmon seasoned to utmost perfection. Pair it up with some creamy Carbonara or a Tartufo e Prosciutto; a creamy white truffle sauce and parma ham.

Visit these top joints perfect for a pizza crawl and and satisfy your soul ( and your tummy) by dining to your heart’s content!


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