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Food Trail: North

Food Trail: North 2
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July 17, 2019
Food Trail: North 3
Supper Guide
July 29, 2019

Food Trail: North

Singapore may be just but a small dot on the map, but we’re blessed with so many food options, even in just one particular area of our tiny island.

In this post, we share our food recommendations for all you northerners!

Dining in Garden

Food Trail: North 4


An oasis of lush greenery provides visitors with the perfect place to sit back with a book or to clear one’s mind in the peaceful confines of the AMK library. Dining In Garden features cosy sofa seats and quiet ambience, serving hearty western fare like Hawaiian thin-crust pizza and mushroom tomato baked rice. Should visitors wish to indulge in something sweet as they take in a romantic novel, they can go for the delightful ice cream French toast.

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Fish & Co @ AMK Hub

Food Trail: North 5


Fish and Co. is a casual, family restaurant chain serving fresh seafood in a pan. Designed with a casual, nautical ambiance, Fish and Co. uses only the freshest fish and seafood from around the world. Top items that diners love here are the white baits, deep-fried swordfish collar and their signature fish & chips.

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Nayana Kpop Café & Restaurant

Food Trail: North 6


There’s no need to go to town anymore for your fix of authentic Korean food! Nayana Kpop Café & Restaurant is a humble restaurant found in the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio, with a casual, laidback vibe perfect for families and friends. Diners can expect the usual Korean faves here, with options like jjajangmyeon, hot stone beef bibimbap and bulgogi rosti.

50% slots:  15:30 | 16:00


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