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This February, attend reservations with promo code and get Eatigo Cash Vouchers up to THB 700!

Attend your 1st reservation on Eatigo and redeem a 200THB Gift Voucher!
February 6, 2019
This February, attend reservations with promo code and get Eatigo Cash Vouchers up to THB 700! 1
New user promo code ‘IMNEW’
February 28, 2019

This February, attend reservations with promo code and get Eatigo Cash Vouchers up to THB 700!

Exclusive this February, you have the chance to get up to 700 THB Eatigo Cash Vouchers (ECV)! To earn this, you just have to attend reservations using promo codes (details below) before February 28th, 2019. The codes are limited in number, so start making your reservations right away!
What is ECV and How it works:
  1. Attend 2 reservations using promo code DINDIN2 and get 200 THB worth Eatigo Cash Voucher. Alternatively, attend 4 reservations using promo code DINDIN5 and get 500 THB worth Eatigo Cash Voucher.
  2. Receive your Eatigo Cash Voucher code on March 6th, 2019 via Eatigo app newsfeed & Email. Use this code for instant discount on your subsequent reservation, additional to the restaurant discount percentage!
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Users need to reserve and attend at the restaurant and all reservations must be made using the promo code. This promotion is valid between February 7 – 28, 2019. Users need to attend within this period to be eligible to receive the ECV code.
  2. Each reservation using the promo code must be attended by at least TWO people, with a minimum bill of ฿200 after the restaurant discount application.
  3. Promotions from different user accounts cannot be combined during the ECV redemption reservation.
  4. Limited 1 ECV (Eatigo Cash Voucher) per user. 
  5. On successful completion of the required reservations with the promo code, an email with Eatigo Cash Voucher code will be sent to you
    From March 6th, 2019 onwards. after attended your reservation. The ECV code is valid until March 31st 2019.
  6. This Eatigo Cash Voucher is applicable for single use only and the amount cannot be exchanged to cash.
  7. Please keep receipt, invoice at least 2 weeks in case investigation of reservation’s status is required.
  8. Eatigo reserves the right to not honor suspicious claims without prior notice.
  9. In order to benefit this eatigo coupon discount, please use and redeem this code in online booking form only, you will see yellow gift box in restaurants who accept this eatigo cash voucher.
  10. The code is not able to be redeemed at restaurant, if you would like to redeem the discount with code, please put this code in reservation’s form, restaurants who can accept the coupon discount online with additional  
  11. ECV code rewards are only applicable for attended reservations. Promo codes are still valid, if a reservation is cancelled or edited – as long as the code has not expired or has not reached its maximum usage limit.
  12. The ECV code is considered forfeited and cannot be reclaimed in the case of a ‘no-show’ reservation.
  13. If you do not receive an email with ECV, please contact
  14. This promotion is valid for Eatigo users residing in Thailand only.
  15. Eatigo Thailand reserves the right to amend/cancel the promotion at any time.

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