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【GET1000】7 DAYS CHALLENGE🚩Book more, Win $1000, Save more

【FAMILY】Cheers to the Mid-Autumn Festival! 👨‍👩‍👦Your gift is waiting for you here!🌕
September 21, 2023
【NEWNOV】💰 Get $25 Voucher For Your First Reservation! 🎁
October 27, 2023


🎉 A $1000 prize is up for grabs for the most reservations by different restaurants🎁 

EVERYONE WINS: Get $50 if you have at least 3 attended reservations!


Take part in our 7 Days Challenge and receive instant $1000 cash voucher with successful bookings from 16 – 22 OCT 2023.

Book with promo code【GET1000】 & attend the reservations with different restaurants to join the challenge!

The FIRST 3 participants in the most attended reservations will receive $100 vouchers X 10, totalling $1000. 

Attending at least 3 reservations also qualifies you for a $50 voucher!


  • $100 eatigo cash voucher X10 : The fastest 3 users who attended 10 reservations from different restaurants, based on attend booking time.
  • $50 eatigo cash voucher X1:Attended 3 or more reservations from different restaurants

How it works: 
  1. Book with promo code 【GET1000】from 16 – 22 Oct 2023, and attend minimum 3 reservations.
  2. Promo Code can be used up to 10 times per user. The FIRST 3 participants in the most different attended reservations will receive TEN $100 vouchers, same promo code can be used for TEN times, totalling $1000. 
  3. Attending 3 different reservations also qualifies you for a $50 voucher!
  4. You will receive an email with a unique eatigo cash voucher code within 2 weeks if you are eligible for the reward


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Restaurants not applicable


Terms and Conditions:
  1. Promotion is valid from 16 to 22 Oct 2023. All reservations must be made with the promo code 【GET1000】& attended by 22 Oct 2023, 2359 hours to be eligible.
  2. Promotion reservations from different user accounts cannot be combined for prize redemption.
  3. The promo code is only eligible for dine-in reservations on selected restaurants.
  4. To be eligible for the promotion, each reservation must be attended by at least TWO persons and attend minimum 3 different reservations.
  5. Promo code rewards or discounts are only applicable for attended reservations.
  6. Promo Code 【GET1000】 is only valid for 10 times. Reward will be given to the first 3 winners who attend the most reservations from different restaurants based on attend booking time . You are able to use the reward code ten times. It comes to $1000 in total. Attending at least 3 different reservations also qualifies you a $50 voucher. Upon receiving the email, the promo code is only valid for 60 days.
  7. Promo code is applicable to selected merchants only, and considered forfeited and cannot be reclaimed in the case of a ‘no-show’ reservation.
  8. This promotion is valid only for eatigo users residing in Hong Kong.
  9. eatigo Hong Kong reserves the right to amend/cancel the promotion at any time.
  10. Participants are solely responsible for providing any proof of attendance for qualifying reservations. In the event of a dispute, Eatigo is not obliged to verify attendance on behalf of the user and reserves the right to disqualify a user at its discretion.
  11. eatigo Cash Voucher expiry date is final and no extension will be entertained.

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