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Earn twice the amount of eatigo cash vouchers this March!
March 18, 2020
November 9, 2020

Introducing eat-to-go

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Get your favourite food for takeaway and still enjoy discounts! eat-to-go allows you to book at restaurants that’s open for takeaway orders.

Simply select a restaurant and book your preferred date and time. Number of diners must be indicated in the booking (1 person = can order up to 2 dishes). Be at the restaurant on selected booking time (15 minute grace period) for the discount to be valid.

To practice social distancing, we encourage that only one person goes to the restaurant. Present your Eatigo reservation and place your order at the restaurant. Settle your bill (with discount!) and while waiting for your takeaway meal.

Get your food to-go and enjoy your meal at the comfort and safety of your own home!

Similar to regular eatigo reservations, discounts are only applicable to regular-priced food items. Drinks, promotional items and set menus are excluded from the discount.

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view eat-to-go restaurants:

Mumbai Pune Bengaluru

Eatigo adheres to the government’s call to limit going out of the house and practice social distancing.

Eatigo encourages diners to minimise direct contact with other people by getting their food takeaway directly at the restaurant.

If there are contactless payment option available at the restaurant, we encourage using that instead of paying cash or card.

Stay safe and dine smarter!

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eat-to-go Terms and Conditions

• Discounts are only applicable to a minimum of 2 or more items per reservation.

• Packaging charges might be applicable at certain restaurants

• Eatigo discounts cannot be availed in conjunction with other in-house promotions/ discounts.

• Discounts only apply to all regular-priced, a la carte food items. Drinks and in-house set menus or platters are NOT included in the discount.

• Retail and packed items are not part of the discount.

• Make sure that you arrive on time. Your reservation is only guaranteed within 15 minutes of your reservation time.

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