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Tired of Thinking What to Eat? Use These Tips to Decide What and Where to Eat.

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Tired of Thinking What to Eat? Use These Tips to Decide What and Where to Eat.

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“Eh bro, what you want to eat ah?” Already hungry, sometimes we just want to head out and have dinner as quick as we can. But just as writers have writers’ block, we on the other hand having to think of what to eat on a daily basis may cause us to have a bit of a food block! It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a quick tea or snack to fill up, though food is probably our number one favourite past time, having to think about what to eat can sometimes be a miserable headache. Let’s check out a few simple tips to help you and your buddies to decide what to eat for your next meal.


  1. Location – Time and distance has no hold over the hungry bunch.

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How far are you willing to go for food from the place you are staying? From fresh salmon sashimi at Fat Fish, Mont Kiara, to having juicy crab at Jeti Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Selangor, or even take a road trip to Malacca for Portugese food, set a radius of how far and how much time you are willing to travel in mind. Whether or not you are leaning towards exploring far new places or nearby cafes and restaurant, with technology in our lives, we have to put them to good use. Look out for restaurant or food apps, or simply google for food at the area you wish to explore.


  1. Budget – Planning dollars and cents for every meal after.

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Yeah sure we love eating steak every day, but honestly, sometimes we just want to eat delicious food without breaking the bank. Set a certain amount of budget for your meals, how much are you willing to spend today, this week or the whole of the month on food? Maybe you can opt for cheaper foods on the early weeks of the month, come end of the month, reward yourself and splurge on an expensive, sumptuous meal! Whether it is RM300 or RM1,000, the amount you set aside can help you plan and decide your food choices wisely.


  1. Food Theme Jar – A country a meal, travel the world through food culture!

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We watch tonnes of food and travel advertisements and programs all the time, whether we are aware or not. Whenever you come across a country you have interest in, or certain steamboat or barbeque places, or when you are in the creative mood and thought of certain food places to explore, quickly write it down on a piece of paper and place it in a jar (or box, whichever suits your fancy). From Mediterranean food like Quivo Restaurant, Bukit Bintang to El Cerdo, Bukit Bintang which serves Spanish food, explore and enjoy the taste of another country’s food culture. This way, whenever you feel stoned in your mind on having to decide what to eat next, simply put your hand in the food jar and lucky-draw yourself a place to eat.


  1. Elimination – No not terminator, the eliminator.

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Have you been to that same restaurant for the past 10 times in a row? Or maybe tried the same food area since forever. If your answer is yes and yes, then it is time to eliminate those restaurants and explore a new food joint. If you can’t make up your mind what to eat, then we will eliminate those that you do not want to eat. Could be that a certain restaurant is too hot, or another is dirty, or some of the dishes are sub-par. Whatever the reason may be, eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. Set a time line of say, a good reasonable 5 minutes to make up your mind, whatever is left after that 5 minutes, you will have to eat it!


  1. Rejection – Throw the ball back to the rejector!

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Facing rejection is never easy, especially when it comes to heart (or hard) thought of food. In situations especially when there’s a group of hungry, or hangry, people vying to fill survivors needs, the simple solution is to have the rejector come up with ideas! Wonderful idea is it not? This reduces your headache, and forces the group to accept the suggested food idea quickly.

Alternatively, you can simply download eatigo – helping you to narrow down your meal choices, places, time and to add the cherry on top, you get a discount for eating! Bon apetite!­

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