5 Must-Try Local Favourite Food Transformed

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May 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019

5 Must-Try Local Favorites Transformed

Being Malaysians we are lucky to have so many delicious delicacies to choose from. Having the basics right is not enough, chefs around are going the extra mile and putting on their thinking caps to creatively deliver local delicacies at its best with a little spark of evolution. The key is not only to not miss the local flavors, but serve and whip up a surprise to the taste buds of hungry clientele to a new mix of flavors. Are you ready? Here we go!


  1. Crisky Skin Miso Pork Belly by ANTE

Source: ANTE

ANTE is a popular favorite place for porky lovers. It has a wide range of porkylicious favourites. Crispy pork belly is served and available at most the hawker stalls and restaurants. It tastes good enough you say. However! Have you tried Pork Belly with a touch of what Japanese calls umame? Crispy on top with tender juicy meat at the bottom, complimenting with an ANTE special sauce that leads to a gastronomic perfection. It is also cut in a very generous portion, leaving you with a mouthful of satisfaction, craving for more.

  1. Roti Ayam Kampar @ MidPoint Shopping

Source: eatigo.com

How different can steam bread be? Our steam bread usually goes with plain butter or kaya, but with the road to evolution, here’s a mixture of the best of both worlds! Soft steam bread and rich chicken rendang! If you want to have some steamed bread and chicken rendang the Roti Ayam Kampar is the perfect place to be. Roti Ayam Kampar, simply put means Curry Chicken Bread. The bread wraps the curry chicken within, leaving the chicken with a soft, juicy and tender texture, while the curry is rich in spices and is as flavorful as you can get. Favorite steam bread indeed!

  1. Wondermama @ 1 Utama

Source: Goodyfoodies

From the menu to the design of the utensils, Wondermama is a creative Malaysian restaurant. The menu is updated with new creations from time to time. A simple example is nasi lemak. We all love our nasi lemak, it could be just a plain coconut rice with sambal and cucumber, or maybe with added eggs and chicken. At Wondermama, the chefs taken nasi lemak to a different level of excellent taste in nasi lemak. Nasi Lemak Berempah, a must-try, is their signature and is one of the best seller. Juicy crispy fried chicken, juicy sambal prawn, kerabu kacang botol, homemade sambal merah dan hijau, salted egg, aromatic laksa soup accompanied with papadam. It truly is a one plate wonder and worth the price paid!

  1. Don’s Warong @ Plaza Damas

Source: butterkicap.com

Craving for some southern delights? Check out Don’s Warong and indulge in some Southern favorites such as Mee Rebus Johore, Nasi Lemak Kukus Johor, Laksa Johor and so forth. Mee Rebus Johore is a must try and you shouldn’t leave without eating it. This beautiful mess is made out of yellow noodles, dressed in a bed of thick, creamy gravy in sweet and subtle spicy concoction. To add to the deliciousness of it all, portion is served with hard-boiled eggs, bean sprouts, tauhu, meat slices, crushed crackers, decorated with fried shallots on top.

  1. Dish room @ CVS

Source: EatdrinkKL

Dish room is interestingly located in a hospital which is the Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur. It is also a train ride away, accessible via KL Sentral station. It is popular for its fusion of east-meets-west, and they’ve done it well! One of the local favorite to look out for is Char Kuey Teow with a sunny-side-up. The taste is just at perfection, with a good dose of “wok-hei” and fresh ingredients. The restaurant has a modern industrious design with perfect lighting, making it very Instagrammable.

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