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Our Budget-friendly List of Things to Do In Kuala Lumpur

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Exploring Kuala Lumpur is a delightful adventure for families. Whether you’re marveling at the architectural wonder of the Petronas Twin Towers or savoring the flavors of local Malaysian dishes, Kuala Lumpur offers plenty of budget-friendly things to do.

This guide will walk you through the must-visit attractions and dining spots in Kuala Lumpur that are perfect for budget-conscious travelers looking to make the most of their visit. Plus, discover how booking Kuala Lumpur restaurants with Eatigo can give you significant savings, allowing you to enjoy the city’s culinary delights at a fraction of the cost.

View of the Petronas Twin Towers

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

As one of the world’s tallest buildings, this iconic landmark is a must-visit. The landscaped park surrounding the towers is open to the public, providing a perfect backdrop for photos. For a fee, you can go up to the observation deck, which offers breathtaking views of the city.


Perdana Botanical Garden

Also called Lake Gardens, this recreational park contains the largest collection of flower gardens and animal parks in Kuala Lumpur’s city center. Entrance is free all year, although the popular Orchid Garden and Hibiscus Garden require a small fee on weekends.


National Museum of Malaysia

Travel through the informative exhibits and learn more about Malaysia’s history and culture from its beginnings to the present day. Traditional boats, aircraft, locomotives, and vintage cars are just some interesting artifacts you can find here.


KL Forest Eco Park

Experience the serenity of the oldest permanent forest reserve in Malaysia. It’s home to an impressive canopy walk, offering spectacular views of the forest and the city’s skyline. There is only a small admission fee, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious nature lovers.


Central Market

Central Market is a historical and cultural landmark offering a glimpse into Malaysian heritage with its handicrafts and art. It’s free to enter and is an excellent spot for souvenir shopping and bargain-hunting.


Little India and Chinatown

Explore these vibrant neighborhoods where the sights, sounds, and smells give you a glimpse of the local way of life. Browse through the myriad stalls in Chinatown’s Petaling Street for affordable souvenirs and enjoy the colorful surroundings of Little India.


Walking Tours

Several organizations and volunteer groups offer free walking tours around Kuala Lumpur’s historic and cultural districts. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the city’s rich heritage and see its famous landmarks up close.


Street Food in Jalan Alor

Experience the local flavors without denting your wallet. This food street is bustling with stalls offering Malaysian delicacies, from satay to nasi lemak, at very affordable prices.


Restaurant Dining on a Budget in Kuala Lumpur

A spread of Malaysian dishes

Exploring Kuala Lumpur’s diverse culinary scene is one of the most fun and memorable things to do. Discover a wide array of restaurants, from casual eateries to upscale dining, catering to every taste and budget. Through Eatigo, diners can access fantastic deals and promotions, making dining out more budget-friendly.


Top Restaurant Recommendations in Kuala Lumpur

Go to Chermai Express at Jalan Sultan Ismail for affordable traditional Malaysian favorites such as nasi lemak ayam rendang, mee bakso, and mee soto ayam. If you want traditional Chinese fare, Lai Ching Yuen Restaurant at Grand Millennium serves sumptuous dim sum and traditional Cantonese delicacies in an elegant setting.

If you’re craving Thai, head to Thai OK Express at Quill City Mall, which serves authentic Thai cuisine with a modern twist. They have interesting fusion dishes such as chicken popcorn Thai salad, tom yam buttermilk chicken, and tom yam Mama jumbo seafood. And if it’s Korean food you’re in the mood for, Jangsajang Deopbap will satisfy your cravings with its delectable rice bowls, highlighting the best of Korean flavors.

For more international fare, try Bistro Eatz at Plaza Damas, a Western fusion restaurant offering American soul food-inspired creations like chili crab benedict, Southern-style cornbread, and fried chicken burger. Meatlovers will enjoy Me’nate Steak Hub, a steakhouse known for its premium meats, serving a wide variety of dishes, including pasta, burgers, pizzas, and, of course, signature steaks.

And, if you’re feeling extra famished, Star Bar by JIS KL at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng lets you savor all-you-can-eat authentic Japanese dishes while you enjoy live music and free-flowing drinks.


Significant Savings and More

Eatigo offers a wide selection of restaurants, from local Malaysian fare and authentic Indian cuisine to sophisticated Western dishes at up to 50% off! This means you can try higher-end restaurants or indulge in more dishes than usual at your favorite restaurants!

Enjoy Eatigo’s unique time-based discounts, which offer discounts during off-peak hours so you can dine at top restaurants when they’re less crowded. Easy and convenient, Eatigo provides real-time information on restaurant availability and instant booking confirmation.

Ready to discover the best of Kuala Lumpur without spending a fortune? There are plenty of things to do, from wandering through historical sites and green parks to savoring gourmet meals. Book your next dining experience today and savor the rich flavors of Kuala Lumpur at unbeatable prices.

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