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Anytime, Anywhere – Chain Restaurants at your fingertips!

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March 28, 2019
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Anytime, Anywhere – Chain Restaurants at your fingertips!

Let’s get one thing out of the way: chain restaurants are no Michelin Star quality. But they’re popular for a simple reason – they replicate their quality across many outlets across Singapore (and the world) and it’s awesome. We pick out 3 places that do this best.


Old Town White Coffee

Whether you’re looking for your daily dose of caffeine or just feeling homesick, Old Town White Coffee is the comfy go-to for many. Aside from their excellent perk-me-up coffees, they also offer the homemade taste of Malaysian dishes, from Ipoh hor fun to their signature nasi lemak.

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Simply Wrapps

The ability to customise your wrap or salad down to every last single ingredient is what makes Simply Wrapps so popular. You’ll be able to choose from over 50 toppings to mix and match however you please. If having too much choices overwhelms you, there are prix fixe options as well.

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Fish & Co

Who doesn’t recognise one of Singapore’s renowned fish & chips chains? All outlets in Singapore sport the same nautical-inspired interiors. Despite the sheer number of outlets, Fish & Co never fails to offer ocean-fresh fish and seafood to every diner that comes through the door.

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