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Sweet Treats – Desserts to Discover

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April 1, 2019
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April 15, 2019

Sweet Treats – Desserts to Discover

Whether it’s an anniversary celebration, getting over something horrible or just rewarding yourself, there is always one synonymous answer to these situations: dessert. From savoury waffles to indulgent ice creams, here are some of the best dessert places on our shores to satiate these cravings.



Nestled in King Albert Park, Camaca specialises in Gelato, Coffee and Chocolate! Originated from Taiwan, the ‘giant macarons’ here are actually gelato in a capsule – to prevent unwanted particles from getting in, and ice crystals from forming. Be sure to try out other sweet treats here, such as the Cheese Roll, and Nutty Caramel Tart.

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No dessert recommendation list is complete without ice cream. Located at Potong Pasir, Froroll offers ice cream with a twist — rolled and plated. They have quirky desserts like the Volcanic Avalanche and Milo Dinosaur Waffle, which also come with the bonus that they are all Insta-worthy to boast to friends.

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Not all desserts are created equally. In this instance, some are healthy and satisfying too. Yoguru doesn’t use any artificial flavours or colouring, serving yoghurt that are made fresh daily. Natural, fresh and tasty, it’s the perfect treat for any health-conscious individual.

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Twenty Grammes

For some, the classics like ice cream and cakes are non-negotiable when it comes to desserts. If the classics are what you’re looking for, then you should only enjoy from the best. Twenty Grammes fits that bill, having been a mainstay in the local café scene since 2014. Offering a wide range, they are sure to have something to satisfy and satiate all sweet tooth cravings.

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