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Mash-up! Interesting fusion-dishes that’ll wow you

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January 28, 2019
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Mash-up! Interesting fusion dishes that’ll wow you

Why settle for one cuisine when you can enjoy the best of both worlds? Ever since the first human came up with the genius idea of combining two fusion types together, the culinary world has come up with some crazy mash-ups. Some rock, some suck. We’ve picked out 3 awesome ones on Eatigo for you!


Black Society Cafe

Fresh prawn and scallop laksa pasta $23.00 $11.50

First established in 2006, Black Society is a Cantonese restaurant offering contemporary twists on classic dishes. If we had to choose one dish that encompasses what this restaurant is about, it’s their fresh prawn & scallop laksa pasta. Chinese, Malay and Italian cuisines all mixed in one may not look good on paper, but take a bite and you’ll see what we mean.

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The Garden @ Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Thai-style Capellini $28.00 $14.00

You’ll find delights here like wasabi miso-glazed Chilean sea bass, but our must-try recommendation here is the Thai-style capellini – a true culinary masterstroke. Situated within the tranquil grounds of So SPA, The Garden at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa places an emphasis on wellness. All this for up to 50% off with Eatigo makes for a perfect meal.

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Pulled Pork Sliders $14.80  $7.40

A stone’s throw from Tai Seng MRT, this little cafe/bar serves up western classics with an Asian fusion twist. We recommend the Pulled Pork Sliders – an 8-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder with onions and lettuce, wedged between crispy mantous! If you’re bored, there’s also an electronic darts machine for friendly games. Head down for great food and fun!

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