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Top Places to Eat Clean & Stay Lean

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January 11, 2019
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February 11, 2019

Top 4 Places to Eat Clean & Stay Lean

There’s this saying that calories don’t count during the holiday season. While we all wish this were true, the sad reality is that they do. Our holidays selfies become before/after comparisons and those once previously perfect fit jeans are now something you’d have to squeeze into.

Whether you’re looking to find some healthy balance after a holiday of pigging out or even starting your New Year’s resolutions early, we’ve got you covered. Here are FIVE places to get your healthy food fix!

Munch @ POMO

Dory protein bowl (with choice of 3 salads)  $10.90  $5.45, Chicken protein bowl (with choice of 3 salads) $10.90  $5.45

There’s much to love at Munch, from rosti to hot pastas. But those looking for healthier options will also love their salads, which has juicy rotisserie meats paired with fresh greens.
Salads can be a gamble sometimes, with certain ingredients you’d prefer not be included (eww olives). You won’t face this problem here at Munch. You can create and customise your own salad bowl, down to the last ingredient and dressing.

50% slots: 11:30 | 12:30

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Green Signature @ White Sands

Hotplate Mushroom Noodle $14.90 $7.45 

Dedicated to staying calorie-friendly, each dish in Green Signature uses only fresh, top-quality, plant-based ingredients, all high in fibre and free of artificial preservatives. One of their signature dishes is the Hotplate Mushroom Noodles. With robust flavours and a strong ‘wok hei’ taste, it’s a testament to how healthy food can be flavourful as well.

4 other outlets, including Century Square, Waterway Point and Northpoint City.

50% slots: 10:30 – 11:00 | 15:00 – 16:30

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Create Kitchen @ Savourworld

Grilled NZ Striploin with organic mixed grains, thai cucumber salad, ajitsuke tamago and mushrooms $15 $7.50

Healthy bowls is the name of the game here at Create Kitchen. They do healthy, fusion cuisine that features French fine dining culinary techniques. There are recommended mixes like the grilled NZ striploin bowl, which comes with mixed grains, Thai cucumber, ajitsuke tamago and mushrooms. But for the adventurous, you can customise your bowl to your desire.

50% slots: 15:00 | 15:30

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Camellia Tea Bar

House Orchid (Qi Lan) 奇兰 $8 $4

The benefits of tea have long been known and discussed. With benefits like lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss and anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties, it remains the go-to beverage when it comes to promoting health. Whether you have it there or bring some home, you’ll be able to enjoy all these and then some, with just about any brew at Camellia Tea Bar.

50% slots: 1700 | 17:30

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