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The Best Bites on Drinks Nights!

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October 11, 2018
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January 28, 2019

The Best Bites on Drinks Nights!

Singapore is blessed with plenty of excellent watering holes. We’re the proud home to many establishments in both Asia’s 50 Best Bars and even the World’s 50 Best Bars.

But while such classy places have its place for fitting occasions, sometimes what we need is a casual place to just hang out, chill out and zone out. Be it a couple of beers with friends or to catch the latest Premier League game, you’ll want appropriate light bites to go with your drinks.

If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to your drinks, here’s our guide on where to get the best bites on drinks nights!

Baden Restaurant & Pub

Sausage Platter $45 $22.50

Located along Lorong Mambong, Baden Restaurant and Pub offers a delightful place for groups of friends to meet up and chill. Whilst you drink one of the many wide variety of available German biers, sink your teeth into another traditional German dish: the sausage platter. The selection of bratwurst comes with sauerkraut and is perfect for sharing with friends.

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Harry’s @ Clarke Quay

Harry’s Signature Wings $14 $7

Harry’s is synonymous with Singapore’s casual bar scene, offering quality brews and food. There is a wide selection of alcoholic beverages that will surely have your choice of poison. Drinks are always better with light bites and on that front, nothing else here comes close to their signature wings, marinated to perfection and served piping hot.

17 other outlets, including Dempsey, Cuppage and Pier Robertson.

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Coq & Balls 

Smoked Duck Pizza $18.40  $9.20

Drawing inspiration from Melbourne’s alternative bar scene, Coq & Balls allows diners to choose between the comforts of indoor seating or alfresco for a livelier atmosphere. Either way, you’ll enjoy the same bold flavours of Coq & Balls. While their cheese burger is great for individuals, the smoked duck pizza is recommended for sharing with friends.

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Roo’s Gastrobar 

Gambas Al Ajillo $15 $7.50

Craft premium beers? Check. Large-screen high-def TVs with live sporting action? Check. If you’re on the lookout for a casual, laidback place to chill with friends and unwind, this is it. Enjoy light bites like gambas al ajillo (Spanish garlic shrimp), the perfect game time snack as you catch the latest Premier League or La Liga game.

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Beer Factory 

Chicken Sliders $13 $6.50 

Just by looking at its name, you’ll know beer will never be a worry here. Should you not be in the mood for one though, Beer Factory also has wine, both red and white. Because they understand beer here, they also understand the importance of good light bites to go with your drinks. Choose from options like margherita pizza and the mixed meat platter, but the must-try item are their chicken sliders.

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Canjob Taproom 

While its premise is for diners to bring home a sealed canjob, diners are more than welcome to drink on-site. Located just a stone’s throw from Outram MRT station at Link Hotel, guests will have plenty of light bites available for their choosing. Options here include nacho chips, chicken nuggets and gourmet beef meatballs.

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