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Romantic restaurants that won’t break the bank

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Date Night: Romantic restaurants that won’t break the bank

You’re all dressed but if you’re looking to impress, fast food or take-out just won’t do. It’s a tall task picking out an ideal place – the food must be ambrosial and satisfying; the restaurant’s ambience has to get the mood right and to allow for free-flowing conversation. To help a brother/sister out, we’ve narrowed down the list a little. Here are three places for your next date night.


Vineyard @ Hort Park

Nestled amid the lush greenscape of Hort Park, Vineyard is a charming “garden-to-table” French Italian restaurant where every visit warrants a feast for the senses. Inside, the restaurant features beautifully aged-wood tables, overhung foliage and edible garden that takes diners on a journey away from the bustling city.

50% slots: 18:00

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Don Ho

Don Ho is a social kitchen and bar that sports industrial tropical-inspired décor, setting a quiet and classy atmosphere for diners. Offering handcrafted cocktails, their menu is a fusion from the best of the east and west, allowing diners to focus on hearty conversations.

50% slots: 18:00 | 18:30


El Mero Mero

If you’re looking for a more electric atmosphere, El Mero Mero is an excellent choice. Located at CHIJMES, you’ll get to enjoy Mexican cuisine with handpicked ingredients all the way from Mexico. Lively, dynamic and effervescent, it’s a perfect place for a date!

50% slots: 13:00 | 13:30

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