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Wackiest Food Creations

Wackiest Food Creations 2
Meat Galore
December 2, 2019
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December 12, 2019

Wackiest Food Creations


Food is pretty much standard par for the course these days. We all have that one friend who is crazy over Korean food, or perhaps Italian. So when something special or distinctive comes along, our curiosity gets naturally piqued.


Whether it’s their décor or creative innovations from the kitchen, they’re all simply just different. Here, we pick out 4 restaurants on Eatigo that stands out a little from the rest.

Two Bakers @ Serangoon

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Two Bakers is an artisanal bakery café serving bespoke French and fusion pastries, coupled with fresh food and specialty coffees. Located along Horne Road in Serangoon, the café is headed by a trained chef from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Here, savoury options include St Louis-style ribs, ribeye steak don and Big Island soba bowl. Desserts are nostalgia-themed, aimed to take you back to those good times with just one small bite.


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Café de Nicole’s Flower

Wackiest Food Creations 5

Don’t get confused when you visit Café de Nicole’s Flower – many have mistaken them for a florist instead. Located within the quiet Telok Kurau neighbourhood in the East Coast, the café is actually owned by a florist, which explains the beautiful archway and garlands found throughout. They sell both sweet and savoury treats here, such as truffle & cheese tortellini, souffle pancakes and charcoal waffle with ice cream. It’s also an Instagrammer’s dream, so make sure to comes with your phones properly charged!

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Weekday: 09:00 | 09:30

Weekend: 08:00 | 08:30

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Grin Affair

Wackiest Food Creations 6

Using natural, real ingredients that have no artificial flavouring, preservatives and thickeners, Grin Affair offers satisfying desserts. The folks here believe that desserts should make us grin and make our bodies feel great too, hence the emphasis on no artificial ingredients used. Among their best-selling ones here are their Waffles in a Jar and signature dark chocolate jarcake. Come down to 505 Bishan Street and come have a bite for yourself.

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Weekday: 16:00 – 19:00

Weekend: 16:00 | 16:30

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Fart Tartz @ Jcube

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If you’ve come across fArt tArtz before, chances are, you’ll remember it more for its name than what it actually serves. As a refresher, they do excellent western-Asian fusion offerings. Be sure to try their excellent sambal sea catch, Smokey Ducky and red caviar mentai – all almost guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

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Weekday: 11:30 – 20:00

Weekend: 11:30 – 20:00

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