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Save more with Samsung Card!

New restaurants for New year
January 10, 2020
Happy Lunar New Year
January 23, 2020

Exclusive for Samsung Credit Card Cardholders,
₩15,000 value eatigo cash voucher

Enjoy exclusive dining discounts in restaurants with Samsung Credit Cards!

From now till 07 May 2020, Samsung Credit Card cardholders can book on eatigo & enter the first 6 digits of your Samsung Credit Card numbers to enjoy EXTRA ₩15,000 value eatigo cash voucher on top of up to 50% off eatigo discount when paying with Samsung Credit Cards.

Up 50% off your bills + Extra ₩3,000 off X 5 times = Double enjoyment!

Promotion Period: 17 Jan 2020- 07 May 2020

* Limited quotas. First-come-first-served while stocks last.
* Vouchers are applicable for first-time eatigo users only.

Applicable to up to 100 hot local restaurants. Not yet a Samsung Credit Card Cardholder?
Visit here to apply one for exclusive discounts today.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I still get my original eatigo discount if I apply the eatigo cash voucher code?

A: Yes you will. The eatigo cash voucher will be an on top value discount to your original eatigo Discount.
Here’s an example:
You’ve made a reservation with ₩3,000 eatigo cash voucher at 11:00 am with 50% eatigo discount. After you’ve enjoyed your lunch, now let’s look at your bill –
Total food bill = ₩20,000
50% eatigo discount = save ₩10,000
₩3,000 eatigo cash voucher applied at reservation = save extra ₩3,000
The final amount you need to pay is only ₩7,000 !


Q: Can eatigo cash voucher be used without an eatigo reservation?

A: NO. eatigo cash vouchers are only applicable when you make a reservation via eatigo on the app or website.

Q: Can I use eatigo cash voucher on all restaurants?

A: NOT ALL yet. eatigo cash vouchers are only applicable to partner restaurants with the “yellow gift box” icon on the app or website.

Terms & Conditions
  • The ₩3,000 eatigo cash voucher reward is applicable to a minimum of 2 persons per reservation.
  • When using the voucher, cardholders must attend the booking and settle payment with Applicable Samsung Credit Card by 07 May 2020 23:59.
  • Each Samsung Credit Cards cardholder and the relative eatigo account can only enjoy the offer for their first-time booking on eatigo Korea.
  • Promotions will be invalid if restaurant bills are not or cannot be settled with Samsung Credit Card. Only one promotional code can be used per reservation.
  • Only personal / family Samsung Credit Cards can be applicable. (Except corporate/check/pre-paid/charge/gift card)
  • eatigo cash vouchers may not be exchanged for cash. eatigo cash vouchers can only be used as a fixed value discount off the bill for eatigo reservations.
  • eatigo cash vouchers can only be used at restaurant merchants in Korea that have agreed to accept eatigo cash vouchers (with a yellow gift box icon). Restaurants without yellow gift box icon will not be reservable with the eatigo cash voucher promo code.
  • eatigo cash voucher is considered used and is non-refundable if the promo code has been applied and the customer did not cancel the booking in advance or show up at the restaurant.
  • Restaurants will not provide cash refunds when the eatigo cash voucher amount is more than the restaurant bill.
  • Similar to the standard eatigo discount, eatigo cash vouchers do not stack on top of any other restaurant promotions or 3rd party promotions.
  • eatigo reserves the right to amend and terminate the eatigo cash voucher program at any time.

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