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Book, dine, and save with eatigo!

Save more with eatigo cash vouchers!
November 15, 2019
Special Restaurants
December 23, 2019

Why pay full price when you can just pay half?

Never pay the full price for your meals again!
eatigo – Asia’s leading restaurant booking app that provides up to 50% off dining discount all day in 14 top cities, from Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Phuket, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and more, in more than 6,000 restaurants ranging from hotel buffet, chained restaurants, to individual bistro.
Download eatigo app now. Enjoy up to 50% dining discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t cost anything to use our service. We certainly won’t ask you to provide any credit card information as well. Payment is only for your discounted meals at the restaurant itself.


Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: In 3 easy steps: choose, reserve, enjoy.
You may browse through the various categories to look at our restaurant partners. We’ve categorized them according to areas and cuisine type (Korean, Thai, Chinese, etc) to help you decide what you want.
See a timeslot you want? Reserve it. There are limited spaces for each slot, so hurry!
You’ll receive an email and newsfeed confirmation. Enjoy!


Q: When can I make a reservation?

A: You have the utmost flexibility when it comes to making one. You can make reservations a month in advance, or even up to 10 minutes before!



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