Special Restaurants

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December 5, 2019
Restaurants for new year party
January 6, 2020

Special Restaurants

eatigo’s pick special dining

Are you planning for special dining with friends, family and loved ones?
Or are you planning for special end of year with special people?
Check out eatigo’s pick special dining which will make your day much more special. From fancy dining to romantic restaurant and bars. Here are 9 restaurants that eatigo considered for your special day in Korea.
Enjoy wonderful dining with wonderful price via eatigo.


Wine Connection Korea

Famous ‘Wine Connection’ finally opened the first Hongdae branch in Seoul, Korea. Wine Connection tastes about 2,000 different wines each year and carefully selects 5% for customers. Wine Connection offers main dishes including Black Angus steak and traditional Italian carbonara, and casual dining dishes like tuna tataki and fresh cheese & ham plate. Enjoy Wine Connection with your friend or lover in an elegant setting for more reasonable prices through eatigo booking.
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Seoulism is Jamsil’s hot place where you can capture the most beautiful scenery of Lotte World Tower with ‘SEOUL’ neon sign from the rooftop. Seoul’s signature menu ‘Salted Caramel Cream Latte’ mixed with sweet caramel cream and French salt brings a balance of sweet and savory. And ‘Avocado Shrimp Sandwich’ is full of shrimp to satisfy your mouth.
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Thai garden @Myeongdong church

Thai Garden is the birthplace of Thai food in Korea that has been set in Itaewon since 1996, and now it newly opened at the Myeongdong Catholic Church area. It specially brought local ingredients from Thailand 20 years ago and made its own sauce. Thai Garden never stopped offering the unchanging flavors and fresh, healthy food without preservatives. Enjoy authentic Thai dishes from Tom Yum soup that is picked as one of the world’s top 3 soups to Pad Thai and Green Curry at Thai Garden, a traditional Thai restaurant introduced on TV program “Gourmet Road.”

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CORBANY always think about how to offer healthy and delicious food to customers. We do not use flavor enhancers or semi-processed food and our chefs prepare fresh ingredients every morning. We start cooking from the moment an order is made, so it could take more time than general restaurants to serve the food. CORBANY will continue to provide the best service and taste.

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This brunch cafe with a casual farm-house dining motive has a greenery atmosphere full of plants. Try their popular Ope’neat ‘‘English Breakfast” and “Ope’neat Classic” topped with fresh lime and mased avocados. Make a reservation on eatigo and meet Ope’neat-only healthy and fresh food with reasonable prices.

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‘DITO’ in Italian means ‘the tip of the hand’. DITO offers a warm, hearty atmosphere of the central-northern regions (Milano, Torino, Bologna) of Italy and the Mediterranean. Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at DITO with à la carte menus, dinner course, or brunch buffet: ‘The most delightful taste of the day’ from signature bread appetizer to seasonal salad made with fresh vegetables delivered from ‘Haeoreum Farm’ in Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do daily, rich cheese, savory butter, Cacio e Pepe with spicy black pepper, and tenderloin steak.

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Paying homage to Marcel Duchamp, the revolutionary French artist, Marcel presents the atmosphere of a relaxing café in Europe with enamel tables and Rattan chairs imported from France.
At Marcel, you will not only find 100 different kinds of whiskies including single malt, blended, and bourbon but cocktails made by professional Marcel bartenders and a list of 30 wines that are carefully selected by a sommelier.
How about dropping by Marcel after work and relax from a tiring day with a glass of fine whiskey?

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pavia restaurant

This two-story vintage building with cute interior design presenting a cozy atmosphere will make you feel you are in Italy while enjoying the view as well. Why don’t you come over to Pavia and have a good time trying their signature menu ‘Spaghetti di Manzo’ and ‘Manzo Pizza’ served with Korean beef tenderloin steak?

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Blessing house

You can enjoy European tapas menu using fresh ingredients and dry-aged rib eye at Blessing House. Blessing House’s signature menus include ‘Dry Aging Rib Eye Steak’ using rib eye that is aged for 3 weeks and garnished with crunchy vegetables, and ‘Volcano Beef Ragu Burger’ with Italian beef ragu sauce. Book now via eatigo to experience appetizing visual and aesthetic plating presented by chefs of Blessing House at a more reasonable price.
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