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September 2, 2018
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September 18, 2018


Tasternship, a freelance job for you to try the best dishes all over Hong Kong, FOR FREE. Are you a foodie who likes trying and sharing? Working while savoring your tastes, Tasternship takes you to explore the vibrant food trends in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. As part of the Tasternship programme, you are to select the cuisines of best quality and value for all Eatigo users with your own experience. Also, you would be the quality control engineer who eliminates all potential problems before our promotion, and ensures that all Eatigo users are able to dine with pleasure.

Are you a right fit for TASTERNSHIP?

You have to stand out among all applicants, which means you must be able to express your tasting experience accurately with photographs, videos or articles, with your own unique pursuit and passion for food.

It’s necessary for you to have various skills including video-shooting, video-editing and writing. You get paid to look for great culinary experience and tell the stories – but you need to make records on all the details including food quality, service attitude and outdoor decorations of the restaurants. Overall, be aware that in your adventure with Tasternship, sweetness, as well as bitterness, are to be tasted.


If you’re…

  • graduating with a bachelor degree of BINGE EATING at any universities
  • guilt-less eating 10 times the calories you should take in daily
  • passionate in writing quality reviews (regardless Traditional Chinese/English) or ‘vlogging’ your dining experience
  • a natural social media guru OR a KOL who could effortlessly take a world-shaking selfie
  • talented in capturing the best side of great food with your DSLR (or simply smartphones!)

Application Deadline | 2018.9.30

To apply, express in any format to convince us – how you are qualified for Tasternship. You may share your passion for food, dining experience with Eatigo, or any other works that show your talents with images, videos, articles or any other creative ideas. Email us at

Download eatigo if you still haven’t yet:


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