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Family Friendly Restaurants

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May 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019

Family-Friendly Ideas to Dine in March

Heading out for meals with our family and friends is always something to look forward to, or at least, I do! We get to catch up with them on their life, career and their families. There are times when we wish we can have deeper conversations with our friends or family, but with young children in tow, meaningful conversation is not as easy and smooth-sailing as it seems, with the short attention-span of children requiring our attention more often than not. Enter these creative and family-friendly dining places that provide a safe space for your children to expend their energy and have fun. They are great places for dining out, giving you a peace of mind as you enjoy your dinner and conversation this March.


  1. Antipodean Cafe


Among the many Antipodean outlets, the Bangsar outlet is one of the few that has a small play area for young ones to enjoy themselves. As for parents, enjoy all-day breakfast at Antipodean. As the saying goes, break-fast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Whether we’re meeting our friends for a night out, it is never too late for breakfast.


  1. Benbino by The BIG Group

Photo: Benbino

Located at The Gardens Mall, Benbino is an ideal place to meet up, crossing between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. More importantly, it sports a pretty good-sized playground within the restaurant compound, so you can be assured to eat peacefully, have a good conversation, while keeping a watchful eye on your young ones.


  1. Marmalade Cafe

Photo: Marmalade

Marmalade offers a unique twist to the normal food fair- from Nasi Lemak made using quinoa to smoked duck with soba, your taste bud is sure to enjoy this new healthy take. The children’s play area is quite a hit as well, so be prepared to stay longer in the cafe!


  1. Out of Africa Restaurant & Kudu Bar


The closest thing to an African safari, the imagination of your little ones are bound to go wild here at Out of Africa. Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, the dishes here are South African styled dishes, so you can try out some of their popular dishes like spicy grilled chicken, African oxtail stews or venison pies. With the safari-like atmosphere and mini jungle playground, kids are bound to knock themselves out at Out of Africa!


  1. RGB & The Bean Hive Café

Photo: Time Out

Nestled in a gorgeous bungalow setting in downtown Kuala Lumpur, RGB has been receiving almost consistent top reviews for its food. Serving artisan coffee with Asian and Western food, there is also vegetarian food options. On top of a kids play area, there are also books free for reading. You can bring your children for a walk around the bungalow, where there is a small fish pond and vegetables planted on the premises.


  1. Wicked Pancake Parlour

Photo: eatdrinkkl

As their name suggests, Pancake is the order of the day! Creatively cooked up, the pancakes here comes in a delicious combination of choices from sweet or savoury to satiate the hungry. A small play area is allocated for children, so you get to relax and enjoy your meal while the young ones head out to play.


  1. Rimba & Rusa by Wondermilk

Photo: rimba & rusa

From the creators of Wondermilk, rimba & rusa offers a deliciously varied menu choices, their cakes are a must-have after meals. For children, the creators have craftily placed the play area on the upper level, so patrons who wish to have a little quiet time will not be too disturbed by the sound of happy children playing.

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