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Office Lunch Time Cravings

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May 17, 2019
Steamboat Groupeats!
May 17, 2019

Need A Quick Lunch Fix?

When half an hour is all you’ve got for lunch as you need to prepare for a meeting. You won’t have the time to order food online as afraid it might not arrive on time. You need to get up and go out to get something fast! Why not book the restaurant near you, O’Briens Irish sandwich is quick and fast. As you have already place a booking, your seat is guaranteed. No need to wait in line. There are 9 outlets of O’Briens listed on eatigo for you to book from!

Source: O’Briens Irish sandwich Facebook


Healthy Lunch Choices

As the saying goes, being healthy and fit isn’t a FAD or a TREND, instead, it is a lifestyle! You’ve pledge to start to eat healthy, running out of ideas or tempted to join your colleagues for some hawker food instead of staying with your pledge? Turn on your eatigo app and there are many healthy choices out there! Check out Salad Atelier, they’ve got poke bowls, healthy wraps, fresh juices and a variety of salads too! Book now on eatigo with 4 outlets to choose from and discounts up to 50%!

Source: Salad Atelier’s Instagram


Not Full? Have Some Extra Time to Splash? Head on to Round 2! (Dessert)

Remember the time when you have eaten but somehow, you have no idea where the food has gone? You’ve probably kept your tummy on fasting mode for too long or you have super good metabolism rate. Why not go have something sweet or savory?
For something sweet, head on over to any of the TWG branches, with its relaxing, elegant ambience, add on tea with the little bites, you will be completely rested, full, and recharged, both physically and mentally, by now.

Source: TWG Tea Malaysia Facebook


For something savoury, what about Korean chicken wings? Try Chicken Plus at Sunway Velocity mall, it is new on eatigo! And good news ladies, they serve boneless chicken wing! No fret on smudging our make up. Pick delicious flavors such as hot shocking sauce and creamy onion to cater to spicy and non-spicy lovers.



Have Important Guests To Take For Lunch? (Chinese)

Your bosses are in town, looking for a place with a posh ambience yet quite to have discussion to have a meal? How about a hotel Chinese restaurant? It exudes luxury and a good place to have a meal and not too noisy. Eatigo has a wide variety of hotel Chinese restaurant to choose from. With the discount from eatigo, you surely are going to impress your bosses by playing it smart. For the working crowd in Bukit Bintang area, check out Lai Ching Yuen Restaurant at Grand Milenium Hotel with discounts up to 50%!


Having A Lunch Date? (Western)

Have a lunch date that you need to impress? There are a wide variety of fine dining choices to choose from. Be prepared to spoil your date with our list of Wine and Dine choices or Western choices. Suits up or dress up and don’t be late because eatigo has your reservation covered! Save the discount to order extra desserts or drinks! Check out Improv Bistro at Wisma Lim Foo Yong, highlighted by as one of the 5 Restaurant to try in February and new on eatigo with discounts up to 50%!

Source: – Improv Bistro’s sumptuous meatballs


Long Lunch Break (Hotpot)

When you have a long lunch break, especially Fridays, when the office atmosphere is a more relaxed, why not enjoy a hotpot together with your colleagues or friends? Unlike BBQ that would make you smell, hotpot restaurants are air-conditioned and you will still look good and you do not need to worry about having bad odor after eating. Check out Grandpa Coconut Chicken at Sunway Velocity Mall interestingly they uses 100% coconut water and no added MSG and no water. Book on eatigo now and enjoy discounts up to 50%!


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