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Steamboat Groupeats!

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May 17, 2019
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In this current time and day, there are just too many things to dive in and get addicted. We chase after the new movie that just premiered, the new episode of GOT, football matches, new series on Netflix, chase after points on your game so you could level up… how do we make time for friends and family? Do you remember those times where you enjoyed gathering with your loved ones without those digital distractions like Netflix or YouTube? Bring them back to your life, you need a little balance here or else you will risk talking to your gadgets when you grow older!

So, where should you go with a bunch of friends without burning a pocket? A place that is not too fancy so you could talk and laugh till your heart’s content? Why not a steamboat night?

Steamboat comes with a variety of food choices for just about anyone! We have a list of great steamboat choices that you could choose from, or, you could try all of them with a different sets of friends! Try a week with your gaming friends, another with colleagues, your high school gang, or your running kaki. There are so many great excuses to gather your friends for a steamboat. Let’s check out some of the popular favourites.


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Fei Fan Hotpot

When trying out a hotpot place, the soup is an interesting but vital to your entire steamboat experience. Pick the right soup choice, and you will get to enjoy the evening; pick the wrong soup choice, and you will have to convince everyone to finish the soup the whole time! Fei Fan hotpot provides you with up to 4 choices of soup base, from there, you can choose up to 2 different types of soup. The 4 types of soup base available are pork bone, tomato, pepper pig’s stomach and spicy “ma la” soup.

There are a wide variety of meat selection which includes chicken, pork collar, pork belly, beef, pork intestine and pork liver. Handmade meatballs, fish noodles and dumplings are also available that are of excellent quality, unlike places where the meat you get are mostly processed food. Beef meatball, pork meatball and prawn dumplings are highly recommended here. A wide variety of sauces are also available.

If you are to visit Fei Fan hotpot during the weekend, remember to make a reservation on eatigo! Otherwise, the standard waiting time can take from 30 minutes to an hour. If you are staying near 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara or SS15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya remember to give Fei fan hotpot a try along with your buddies!


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Fat Mama With Steamboat

“Fei Ma” or better known as “Maria” those who grow up watching Hong Kong drama will be able to relate to her character, many thought she is Filipino as her character is often a Filipino maid. She is actually from Macau and of Portuguese-Chinese descent.  Interestingly, her real name is Maria Cordero! Fatmama offers 5 different soup base: FatMama Savoury Clear Soup, FatMama Umami Special Soup, FatMama Spicy Satay Sauce, FatMama Thai Tom Yum Soup and FatMama Savoury Porridge. There is a wide variety of fresh seafood that includes prawns, mini lobster, crabs, scallops, squids, fish paste, fish balls and many more! If you and your friends are celebrating something extra special and have the luxury to spend a little more, they also have many high-end seafood such as crab, snapper lobster, fish and so much more to try for your steamboat session.

If you are in Bukit Jalil area, gather your “high end” friends and enjoy the luxury of seafood steamboat!


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TST Hotpot

Gather your friends and head on over to TST hotpot for a spicy contest and see who survives! TST hotpot serves a solid Szechuan-style soup base, the name of the soup might get you intimidated too. The restaurant specializes in the original Chong Qing Spicy soup, also known as the popular Mala soup. Do not scare away your friends, order the pork bone soup and tomato soup for those who can’t take spicy food. So if you are at Tropicana area, do make a reservation on eatigo and give TST a try! The other highlight of TST hotpot is that you can opt to add Chinese wine into your hotpot, some call it the drunken hotpot. Sounds pretty cool (or hot) to us.


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Mizudo Signature

If you are in Subang – Sunway area, give Mizudo a try! It is located at the west wing of Sunway Pyramid. There are many kinds of soup bases to choose from such as chicken soup, pork stomach soup, herbal chicken soup, Tom Yam, “Ma La” and many more. There is even a chocolate fondue station for you to enjoy a little sweet dessert after your meal. This restaurant is spacious as well therefore it can accommodate big group gatherings!


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Fur Fur Chicken Hotpot

Located at 3 Two Square, Petaling Jaya, Fur Fur Chicken hotpot has a specialty of serving spicy chicken hotpot and creamy cheese chicken hotpot. Suitable for friends who are game enough to try something new. Unlike the usual hotpot whereby the soup is clear and can be a bit tasteless at the beginning, at Fur Fur, the soup is rich with flavor even before you start cooking your ingredients! The soup is already deliciously prepared, all you need is to enjoy the meal with your selected hotpot ingredients.


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