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5 Desserts that Your Menu is Missing

How to Use Social Media to Boost your Restaurant Business
December 9, 2019

When it comes to your dessert menu, it’s very easy to stick to established favourites that you know your customers like, rather than experimenting with something new. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that strategy, but it can mean you miss out on some of the on-trend desserts that are really getting the taste buds of potential customers tingling on social media.

So, what on-trend desserts should you think about adding to your menu? We’ve mixed some of the most ‘shared’ desserts on social media with those that meet the increasing consumer demand for more natural ingredients and less refined sugar to create this blissfully sweet list.


    1. Matcha Cake

There’s a lot to like about matcha cake. Firstly, and probably most importantly, it tastes great. Secondly, it’s still a big name in health circles, with matcha green tea proven to boost energy, metabolism and mood. Thirdly, it’s a familiar flavour for the Asian palette, which could make it a great choice for your menu.

The cake and the frosting can be naturally coloured using the beautiful green from the matcha green tea. It’s also sweet, but not too sweet, making it the perfect cake for any time of day.



  1. Vegan Chocolate Cake

Veganism is on the rise around the world, so what better way to open your restaurant up to a growing number of domestic and international vegan customers than by introducing something very naughty, but nice.

Vegan chocolate cake is the most popular vegan dessert, making it the obvious choice for those that aren’t specialist vegan restaurants but want to cater for every customer type. Make it with high-quality cocoa (ideally 70% or higher) and watch your customers fall in love.



  1. Praline and Ganache Cake

That’s enough of the compromises for now. This showstopping praline and ganache cake is all about indulgence. Just imagine the taste of Ferrero Rocher or Bueno but in a cake, and better, and then you have some idea of how this praline and ganache cake tastes.

If you’re known for your desserts, this could be a big hit with your customers. Not only is it undeniably social media-worthy, but it’s also a very fashionable dessert right now, so demand is sure to be high.



  1. Blondie with ice-cream

Let us introduce you to another of social media’s favourite desserts of 2019. A blondie uses very similar ingredients to a brownie but with an all-important twist. Rather than being chocolate-based like a brownie, blondies are made using more brown sugar and much less cocoa, which gives them more of a butterscotch flavour.

They also have a much airier texture than chocolate brownies and can be served with a drop of liquor, such as rum, or with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


  1. Mixed Berry Mousse

If you’re looking for a much lighter dessert option that customers can enjoy after one of your hearty main courses, the mixed berry mousse is an excellent option.

With its authentic flavours, light texture and simplicity, it’s a great way for your customers to finish off their meal when they couldn’t possible squeeze in any more. It’s also tart and sweet enough to cut through all that’s come before.



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