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Dine-Out Tips Amidst COVID-19 Fears

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March 18, 2020
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March 27, 2020

Dine-Out Tips Amidst COVID-19 Fears

We understand your concerns about visiting restaurants these days. To reassure friends, families and couples, we’ve come up with tips with regards to the current COVID-19 situation. Have a safe dining with eatigo! 😉


Visit spacious, ventilated restaurants

Increasing distances between people and keeping good ventilation could minimise the chances of infection. If you’re looking for somewhere nice for dinners, we recommend restaurants with alfresco seatings as an option. This is perfect for friends and couples who value the above, and for a nice, outdoor-sy vibe during dining. Wine Bistro Chacha brand restaurants are spacious and have ventilated balcony as well. If you are wondering the discounts for Wine Bistro Chacha, Check out eatigo app now.


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Avoid the peak hours

It’ll be good to practise social distancing. Get rewarded with a relaxing dining experience by dining at off-peak hours with less human contact required through sharing and waiting for tables. Skipping seats could even be an option if there are plenty of rooms. With us, you can possibly score a better discounted dining bill during the off-peak hours! Ssongthai at Itaewon provides 50% off at 17:00, when it is non-peak time and early dinner time.

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Also, izakaya-jji-u which is popular for homemade yakitori grilled skewers provides 50% discounts at 17:00 and 17:30 on weekends. Book during off peak time for your safety dining!

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Wash your hands before dining

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who can get a bottle of hand sanitiser, make frequent trips to the toilet to thoroughly wash your hands with soap. If you’re wearing masks, be sure to wash your hands immediately after removing them. We have some restaurants that provide hand sanitiser, and Corbany is the best among them for Italian restaurants at Seolleung.

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Order 1 food per 1 person

It is good to share divers dishes with your friends and family, but there is dangerous to share food in the current COVID-19 situation. How about ordering 1 food per 1 person at Ohujeong? They serve delicate and neat Japanese homemade food with fresh ingredients. Their dishes include chirashi sushi, a bowl of rice topped with chuck flap tail, avocado sakedon, pork belly chashu, shrimp marinated in soy sauce, and grilled mackerel. You will be able to grasp a sense of how neatly dish will presented by the top quality chef in a natural, casual and cozy environment.

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Also, Concrete Angel arranged hand sanitizers in front of counter and on tables for customer services. Try Vongole Oil Pasta filled with clams and scallops and chicken steak from which you can feel soft and crunch feelings! Have a safe dining with free sanitizers and enjoy your special meals!

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Besides, do not forget to wear mask when you go out!
Let’s overcome COVID-19 together!

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