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World Food Day

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When you see the words “World Food Day”, bet all you thought of was all the glorious food Malaysia’s food culture offers, and all that awesome savings eatigo offers. But really, food is an essential part of our Malaysian culture. We celebrate food everyday, whether we know it or not. We seek out the rich aromatic nasi lemak or crisp roti canai for breakfast, tapao fast food a.k.a. chap fan or nasi kandar for lunch during busy lunch breaks, hit the belly for dinner with dishes of banana leaf rice or noodles from dai chao, just to name a few of our rich and diverse food options, not to forget supper at the mamak!


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Founded in Canada by 42 countries back in 1945, World Food Day is celebrated around the 16 October every year since then to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Its purpose is to create awareness and encourage action for those who suffer from hunger. It highlights the need to ensure food security and nutritional diet for all, committing a target for Zero Hunger come year 2030, and celebrate progress made over the years in achieving its Zero Hunger target. Not really the sumptuous food we have in mind now isn’t it?


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Look all around us, we Malaysians are so fortunate to live in this beautiful country where land and sea food resources are in abundance. What World Food Day is about is a real and pressing issue that humanity faces. There are many in other countries who are not as fortunate as us, sometimes children and families go to bed starving, wondering where and when the next meal will come from. The right to food is a basic human right – and this can be done with countries investing in climate-compatible, sustainable agriculture and food systems and developing rural areas.


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For over the past 20 years, 17,000 children are saved everyday – halving the population of children dying before the age of 5. More encouragingly, of the 72 out of 129 countries monitored by FAO, these countries have already achieved the target of halving the population who suffer from hunger back in 2015. So yes! If we each play our part in contributing to sustainable living, we can help feed another fellow human being, and slowly but surely, zero hunger can be a realty.


In the face of global warming, climate changes, and food shortage, we may feel we are just a speck in this large blue planet, so how can we make a difference? Sure we all can. Let us challenge ourselves every day to do one or more of the following suggestions. Bit by bit, and by encouraging others to follow suit and do their part, we can all achieve zero hunger easily by 2030.

Here are 5 simple suggestions that we can try to apply into our daily lives:

  • Don’t Waste Water

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This is the simplest action that we can do every day. Fresh water is a precious commodity, it takes much times to collect them at water catchment areas (clue also chopping down forest to create such catchment areas) and filter them before it reaches your tap, so turn off the tap if you’re not using water when showering or brushing your teeth, and don’t let water run wastefully.


  • Rubbish-Savvy

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Reduce, reuse and recycle your rubbish. Ensure they are properly disposed off, for example batteries and medicine – otherwise irresponsible disposal may likely cause such items to end up in our water systems or damage our marine habitats when it goes into the sea!


  • Leftovers are the New In

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If you have unfinished leftovers, you can keep them in the fridge and heat it up the next day or add some spices to give a new twist to it!


  • Compost, the Plant Food

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Some food cannot be stored. What you can do is to bury them in soil, not only will it fertilise the soil, it causes less waste in the rubbish dumps! Fruit and vegetable peels for example are excellent plant food. However do avoid oily food – this will damage your plant.


  • Organic Food

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Yes it is expensive, and the vegetables may have some holes in it, however organic food means it is planted responsibly, using natural compost rather than toxic chemicals, thus causing less harm to the earth and the environment, not to mention healthy and much sweeter produce!

So the next time you apply that delicious money-saving eatigo deal, make sure you are wary of the portion of your order, just enough is what you need, any extra just bungkus-lah! Don’t waste food, make a difference in your life, and that will take us all a step closer to #ZeroHunger. Start making your food more affordable now with eatigo. Now you know what World Food Day really means. Have a meaningful celebration, Happy World Food Day from us at eatigo!

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