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Merchant Spotlight – Asap Steamboat & Grill

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Asap Steamboat & Grill took some time out to answer a few questions about how eatigo has helped their restaurant gain customers for their successful restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.


What’s your name and occupation?

Imran bin Abdullah Sharin, CEO Asap Steamboat & Grill
Asap Steamboat & Grill in Puchong

Imran bin Abdullah Sharin, CEO Asap Steamboat & Grill


When was it founded?

December 3, 2016


What cuisine do you serve?

Asian Fusion.


Give us a few words that best describe the restaurant:

Steamboat and & grill served buffet-style.


When did you join eatigo?

September , 2019


Could you tell us about your restaurant? When did it open?

Asap Steamboat & Grill is a restaurant that serves up steamboat and grilled delights buffet-style. We provide a nice, inviting space surrounded by calm greenery, where kids are free to roam around and play while parents enjoy their meal in peace. We also cater to large groups who would like to gather friends and family to dine together, especially for special gatherings and birthday celebrations. Asap Steamboat & Grill started operations on December 3, 2016.


What are the most important criteria for running a restaurant?

The most important criteria for running a restaurant is to care for your customers. I believe that if you care about your customers, it will show in both the food you serve and the way you treat your customers.


What is your signature dish?

Our signature dish at Asap is our marinated lamb. Our customers simply love it for its tenderness. The marinade goes well with the succulent meat.


Why did you join eatigo?

I joined eatigo because I think eatigo is a good partner to have in running our restaurant. Eatigo helps our restaurant gain the exposure and keep us busy throughout all our opening hours.


How has eatigo helped your business and what are the benefits?

Eatigo has helped my business gain new customers, as well as adding more value to my existing customers. As Eatigo have their own marketing campaigns throughout the year it’s easy for Asap to join and get the eyeballs that we need to grow our fanbase.


Did eatigo bring you any new customers?

Yes, so far we have gotten about 500 new customers through Eatigo.


How did you know about eatigo?

The Eatigo team contacted me.


What are some of your restaurant’s main issues at the moment? And that eatigo is solving for you?

Eatigo keeps my restaurant busy from the opening to closing.


Did you benefit from the yield management?

Yes, I do. Eatigo’s yield management has given Asap the exposure necessary to keep growing.


Did you know about the yield management before talking with Eatigo?

No. We haven’t met any apps like Eatigo before this.


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