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Merchant Spotlight – Wagyupsal

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January 28, 2020

Wagyupsall took some time out to answer a few questions about how eatigo has helped market and gain new customers for their successful restaurant in Manila.


What’s your name and occupation?

Mark Fernando, Head of Operations
Wagyupsal in Kapitolyo

Mark Fernando Head of Operations


When was it founded?

March 2019


What cuisine do you serve?



Give us a few words that best describe the restaurant:

Korean, fun, buffet-style.


When did you join eatigo?

May 7, 2019


Could you tell us about your restaurant? When did it open?

We opened Wagyupsal last March in2019. Wagyupsal is the first Korean barbecue restaurant to offer unlimited wagyu.


What are the most important criteria for running a restaurant?

To have fun creating the restaurant concept and bringing it to life. We made everything from scratch, including the logos, the look and feel of the restaurant, the menu and so on.


What is your signature dish?

Our unlimited beef wagyu is easily our signature dish. We served different wagyu cuts, especially the chuck-eye roll and prime ribs. Our wagyu sets are the bestsellers. Our customers also love our side dishes such as japchae, wagyu rice and tempura.


Why did you join eatigo?

I was already an eatigo user before the eatigo team approached me. Because of that, I already knew that the platform will help our restaurant. We then decided to sign up on eatigo because we thought it could work as free marketing for Wagyupsal. eatigo has a wide customer fan base after all.


How has eatigo helped your business and what are the benefits?

We benefited from free marketing and gained new customers, as well as revenue during off-peak hours.


Did eatigo bring you any new customers?

Yes, and we are thankful because our location can be very challenging since we are not located inside malls. So, eatigo has helped us bring in a lot more customers.


What are some of your restaurant’s main issues at the moment? And that eatigo is solving for you?

One of our biggest concerns is bringing in more customer traffic. Previously, to keep up with our competitors, we offered discounts to give us an edge. However, now, we are launching a new menu for this December 2019.


Did you benefit from the yield management?

Yes, eatigo helped us increase our revenue, as well as creating our own promotions during off-peak hours. It has also introduced Wagyupsal to new customers. eatigo has been a helpful platform for both customers and restaurant owners.


If you’d like to benefit from the same results as Wagyupsal by implementing yield management though eatigo, you can inform us of  your interest by filling out one of the forms below:

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